Clash of Clans Clan games: All you need to know!

clash of clans clan games

The December 2017 update is going to going to make the rebirth of Clash of Clans. After the clan wars update, this update is probably the biggest update in the history. Finally a long waited update wholly based on Clan has arrived with lots of new features and future prospects! Today in this article we are going to talk about clan games and its features and what more you can expect from it.

So what are clan games?
coc clan games

In a nutshell, these clan games in Clash of clans are sort of quest that needs the involvement of the clan members to receive the bigger amount of rewards. Now let's see what supercell has said about clan games -
The Clan Games are a new type of event you and your Clan can participate in. When you see the Strongman’s Caravan set up in your village, you’ll know the Clan Games have begun. When you click on the Caravan, you’ll be introduced to a bevy of Clan quests (yes, that’s the “Q” word), or as we’re calling them, “Challenges”.
Now, what are these challenges?
clash of clans clan games

Supercell explained this nicely as well -
These Challenges will range from using certain troops to destroying buildings to accomplishing specific goals. Some of the Challenges will be Builder Base-specific and some will be Main Village ones. But you will have the ability to pick and choose which Challenges you want to tackle. Therefore, if you have someone in your Clan who specializes in Builder Base attacks, then perhaps that Clanmate might be better suited for picking that Challenge. If there is a Challenge that requires you to destroy a number of Eagle Artillery, then allowing a Town Hall 7 player to pick that Challenge might not be the most effective choice. Everyone in your Clan sees the same list of Challenges you see, so it will require coordination with your Clan to maximize the amount of points you can win. All of the Challenges have an accompanying point value when they’re accomplished and need to be completed within a certain prescribed amount of time that will be listed on the Challenge. Completed Challenges contribute to a pool of points earned by everyone in your Clan. Therefore, the more Challenges you and your Clan mates complete, the larger the pool of total points earned. Earning more points will unlock higher tiers of rewards, including, as you may have guessed: Magic Items. Other rewards include resources and Gems.
What are these magic items in Clash of Clans?
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Magic items are the latest additions to the game. These are some sort of boosts which will help you to train and build faster. Lets see what Supercell has said about it -
Magic Items are a brand new type of single-use item that provides massive bonuses to your village. While the Magic Items system will grow as we introduce more of them with greater functionality, the initial range of Magic Items will be already incredibly beneficial to players.
Magic Items provide benefits to your buildings, your troops, your heroes, spells, and anything else in-game. The functionality of a specific Magic Item entirely depends on the kind of Magic Item earned. There are Magic Items for every unit in-game. Some Magic Items will provide boosts to production, some provide boosts to resource collectors, and some will instantly complete an upgrade in progress

On the developer talks, Supercell has mentioned that this is just the beginning and lot more contents are on its way! This is just the building block. 

Final Verdict

Well, this was a much-needed update. The game was lacking clan exclusive features and finally, supercell has realized it. Only the clan wars were not enough to keep the game ongoing. With this clan games, people will be work towards the same goal which will help the clan to build a better relationship with them. Even though we are yet to see gameplay of the update but still we can hope that this clan games update can bring many players back to the game. Fingers crossed!

What do you think about the clan games? Let us know in the comments below! 

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