Top 3 Balloon decks in Clash Royale to destroy your opponent quickly!

lava loon deck, giant loon deck

Few hours ago Supercell has started Balloon challenge in Clash Royale. For the pro Clash Royale players it will be easy like always, but for the average gamers, this might be a good challenge. The problem will arise if you are an average clasher and are not familiar with balloon decks. So, in this article I'll talk about 3 incredible balloon decks which can give you easy victory in the limited time balloon challenge.

1. Lava loon Night witch deck

lava deck, loon deck, lava night witch deck in clash royale

This Lava hound - Balloon - Night witch deck is super powered. If you are little bit familier with the Lava hound and Night witch then playing this deck should be a piece of cake for you. This deck is also a very good counter against the regualr decks that you'll face in the challenges.

How to play this deck?

Lava Hound + Night Witch + Mega Minion: your first target will be to create a pressure upon the oponent by starting with Lava and Night witch and Mega minion at the back. Or you can also take baby dragon at the back of lava depending on your card rotation in your deck. The night witch will help a lot in countering the opponent ground troops who will be hitting your lava hound.

Lightning: The lightning is generally used for killing Inferno towers. But if your opponent is weird then maybe you can also face 3 musketeer or Sparky at the final moment. In this case lightning will help you. You can also face other buildings like Furnace and Goblin hut. 

Baby Dragon: The baby dragon at the back helps a lot in doing a massive splash damage generally taking out Goblin gang, Minion horde which you'll face a lot especially in this balloon challenge. 

Clone Spell: Playing of clone spell is the tricky part. Wait for your troops to reach to opponent tower and play this card and boom! see the magic! If you get the chance the play the clone spell on loon then taking down the tower will take secs!

Balloon: Playing loon in this deck is not very easy as lava hound will take 7 elixirs and playing loon will not allow you to take any suppoer troops. So better wait for the double elixir time and then you can use the original lava - loon push with the rest of the cards on your deck.

Arrows: You already know when and how to play the arrows! 😉

Deck Synergy & final verdict
lavaloon, lava deck, lava clone spell deck, lava mega minion
Deck synergy is pretty well for this deck. Your main cards can make a good combo with each other to deal a good damage to the opponent tower. With this deck getting the 6 win will not be very tough for you. However if you want to play this deck for normal ladder then you might face problems against some Royal Giant or Golem decks. But in this limited time Balloon event, it will be very easy fro you to complete the event.

2. Lava loon Electro Wiz Lumberjack deck

lava executioner, lava loon tornedo, lava minion deck
Here is another decent Lava Hound Balloon deck for the Clash Royale balloon challenge. If you are familiar with playing Lava hound then, like the previous deck, it will be very easy for you to understand the deck mechanics.

How to play this deck

Lava Hound + support: If you have the lava hound at the start of the game then start with lava hound. Depending on the card rotations you can play executioner/electro wizard or even balloon. But I'll not recommend playing balloon at the first tow minutes of the game as this will not give you the chance to take anymore support troops.

Electro Wizard and Executioner: Both of these cards are mainly used as support troops in this deck. While the Electro wizard works great to deal with opponent inferno tower, the executioner easily clears out the spam troops like minion horde or even skeleton army if you face them in the battle. 

Minion Horde: The minion horde is used mainly in the defensive purpose but it also supports the lava hound very well incase the opponent doesnt have cards like arrows, executioner or tornedo.

Lumberjack: Lumberjack makes a good pair with the loon because of the rage it leaves after dying. In this deck lumberjack is used for defensive purpose as well as in offensive purpose. The rage works really well with the other troops to destroy opponent towers quickly.

Balloon: Use the balloon only if you have elixir advantage during the first two minutes of the game. Otherwise wait for the double elixir period to make the lava loon combo.

Tornedo: Tornedo is mainly used with the executioner. However, tornedo can also save you many times from tower loss by moving the direction of the opponent troops.

Arrows: Arrows are used for taking our opponent minion horde and ground spam troops if you face during the game.

Deck synergy and final verdict
clash royale deck combo,
Card combos in this deck are pretty good. You have many choice to make the card pair and make the push or defend. If you can play this well, then it will be very easy for you to get the 6 win the limited time balloon event. This deck is event good for ladder push too. If you're looking for a lava hound deck for the ladder then feel free to give this deck a try.

3. Giant Balloon deck

giant loon deck in clash royale, giant ballon deck
Giant balloon deck is very much popular from the beginning of the game. But with the introduction of too many cards, Giant balloon decks are not regular in the ladder. However, in challenges some people still uses this combo. Though the Giant balloon combo has lots of variations, this one I'm going to share is a decent one to give you a 6 win in the challenge.

How to play this deck

Giant + Balloon: Giant balloon is the main push for you. This is your actual win condition. If you can make your combo survive then the opponent tower will be down in few seconds.

Archers: Archers are mainly used at the back of giants as a support troop but they are very useful in defense too. The tiny archers has good dps to kill any low to medium hitpoint troops before they can touch your tower. So archers are very much versatile and can be used anywhere you want!

Bomber: Bomber is a high splash damage dealing troop. This is a glass canon and can deal heavy damage if it is at the back of giant and when giant is taking all the damages.

Ice spirit: The tiny 1 elixir ice spirit is very handy to support your Giant Balloon push. This can also also in defending when necessary.

Arrows: Arrows are used for taking out spam troops like minion horde. goblin gang or skeleton army. It can also be useful in doing the last few damages to the opponent tower.

Inferno tower: As you all know, the inferno tower is used for a total defensive purpose. It will be very hard for opponents to touch your tower if you have placed inferno tower and have another support troop.

Knight: Knight is like the castle guard even though we dont have any castles in this game. With high hitpoints, knight has the ability to stop most of the high damage troops. Knight can also be useful with the giant.

Deck synergy & final verdict
clash royale deck, deck synergy
As you can see, the cards make a very good combo with each other so it will be pretty easy for you to build a push or defend anytime. If you can play proper cards in time then winning will be very easy. As the average cost is only 3.5 so you can have the Giant loon cycle back to back which will prove to be a headache for the opponent.

Additional tip - While playing the Lava loon decks, make sure your support troops stays at the behind of the lava hound so that they can deal massive damage to the opponent troops or buildings. for using lightning, be patient with using it. Because one wrong move can make you lose your one arena tower.

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