How to rebuild your old Clan in Clash of Clans: 8 quick tips

Build back clash of clans clan

It was never been easy to build a successful clan in Clash of Clans. From the beginning of clan system, forming a successful clan took some real hard work and dedication. Even if you build a clan, but maintaining it is as important as building it properly. Now, if you're rebuilding a clan which was once a great clan, then it will also need some hard work. In this article, I'll discuss some quick tips that can help you to build back your old clan and make it run smoothly.

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  1. Set up the mentality first: When you decide to build back your old clan, the first thing you need to do is to set up your mentality. This is not going to be easy, you need to put some real efforts to build back your old Clash of Clans clan.
  2. Start with another guy or two: Once you're into rebuilding finally, try to have one or two helpers with you. If they are your real life friends then it will be best, so that there will not be any trust issue. This is mainly needed for keeping the chat alive and donations flow. Having one or two more guys will not make you feel bored too.
  3. Make the clan chat active: One important thing is to have the clan chat active. This is as important as recruitment. Clash of Clans is a social game after all. People want to talk, so if the clan is like a graveyard then people will not stay in the most of the cases. So, don't hesitate to start one awesome conversation with your current clanmates.

  4. Recruit, recruit and recruit: You should recruit always until you reach 50/50. I know recruiting is never been easy, but you shouldn't stop. Keep recruiting people and fill in the clan. But make sure to recruit only those people who meet your requirements. Set up suitable requirements for your clan once your clan is coming back to shape.
  5. Keep the donations flow: Having proper donations is very important. People will leave if you can't provide people with quick donations. None wants to wait for hours waiting for donations. So having few people with you at the start will help you on this for sure.
  6. Focus on building a good war log: Warlog is the best way to attract decent players. If your clan has a good war log then it will be much easier for you to bring players from global or forum. But if your clan is having a bad war log then chances are people will leave. So, your focus should also be on building a green war log.
  7. Pick proper players in war: So if you want to build a decent war log then you should be very careful about picking right players for your war. Make sure to evaluate people before you add them into your war. I'll be writing a detailed guide on how you can make a green war log.
  8. Make real bonds: Making bonds is very important for a long run. If you fail to make bonds with your people then clan will not survive long. If you successfully make real bonds then you won't have to worry about people leaving clan. They will be a permanent member of the clan.
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I hope these tips will help you! Do you have anything on your mind? Feel free to comment below!

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