How to build an unstoppable deck in Clash Royale: 5 Tips that you should definitely check out!


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Clash Royale is a free to play strategy game developed and published by Supercell.  The game combines the elements of collectable card games, tower defence and online multiplayer battles.

Upon downloading and playing the game for the first time you will be provided with a basic starter deck. As you win matches and progress to higher arenas you will unlock new cards. Now cards are of 3 different types: 

  • Troop
  • Structure
  • Spell

This guide will help you design a balanced deck for arenas 1, 2 and 3 or higher

1.Keep a structure in your deck


Structures are really good at distracting enemy troops, they can distract them long enough for your princess towers to finish them off.

Cannon: The Cannon is a cheap, high damage card. With a range of 5.5 tiles it can distract and take out a lone Giant with ease. This card can be used to take out other tanks and mini-tanks like Giant Skeleton, Knight, Valkyrie, etc. The only drawbacks of this card is that it can't deal with swarms and it doesn't target air.

Bomb Tower:  The Bomb Tower has a slightly larger range than the cannon and does splash damage. This makes the card ideal for taking out large swarms of troops. But, like the cannon, it cannot target air troops.

X-Bow: The X-Bow is an epic card which has the largest attack radius than any other card in the game. This structure can be used for both attack and defense. It does a lot of damage and has a high rate of fire. This card can be used to snipe your opponents' tower from your side of the arena. It doesn't target air though.

Mortar: The mortar has a wide attack radius like the X-Bow card. It has a slow rate of fire and does splash damage. It can be used to snipe your opponents' tower if placed close to the river. However, the mortar does have a dead zone where it cannot target troops and is also vulnerable to flying troops.

Tesla: This structure zaps ground and air troops alike. It has the same as a cannon and when it's inactive is hidden underground. While underground the Tesla cannot be damaged.

Inferno Tower: The Inferno tower roasts targets for damage that increases over time. When facing tanks like Golem, Giant or Lavahound the inferno tower is the best defensive structure to go with. But, be wary of zap or electro-wizard as they can reset the tower's damage.

Tombstone: The Tombstone is another cheap structure, costing same as the cannon. It's spawned skeletons can help distract troops like Prince, Mini P.E.K.K.A and Knight. The skeletons can also provide support during an attack.

Goblin Hut: This structure spawns spear goblins that can help deal with air troops from a distance. It can help deal with troops such as Balloon and Baby Dragon. The Spear Goblins can also chip away at your opponents' tower if left unchecked.

Furnace: The furnace spawns 2 fire spirits every 10 seconds. These little can do damage similar to that of a mini fireball. If left unchecked the fire spirits can slowly chip away a tower. The fire spirits can be used as support for large pushes.

Barbarian Hut: The Barbarian Hut spawns 2 Barbarians every few seconds. The barbarians can take out tanks and any ground support units behind them. Compared to other structures it's cost is relatively higher. The barbarians also can be used for support and counter-pushing.

2.Have a damaging spell ready just in case

Spells can have a significant effect on the outcome of a battle. Unlike troops or structures, they can be used anywhere in the arena. Spells can be used either to take out large swarms of troops or damage enemy structures. When using spells on your opponents' side the most effective method is to damage what you are targeting while chipping his/her tower. 
Arrows can help clear low HP troops, whereas Fireball can damage troops or structures within it's radius. Rocket and Lightning are high damage spells and need to be used strategically as using these spells can leave you open to counter attacks.
Zap is a cheap and a very versatile card. It can be used to get rid of the skeleton army and spear goblins. It can reset the inferno tower, sparky and the inferno dragon. It's 0.5 second stun effect can allow your troops to get an extra shot in. All in all a very useful card.
Finally, poison, it's like a slow fireball but with a larger radius, it can be used to deal with swarm cards like minion horde, barbarians, skeleton army,etc. It can be a reliable card when going up against spawn decks.
Normally a deck should have one spell card but carrying two spells is always better. 

3.Use tanks to push

Tanks are cards that are used to soak up damage. They are slow and have a lot of HP. Tanks are usually never alone and are supported by ranged units. 

Giant: The cheapest out of all the tanks this troop can soak up a decent amount of damage and can do a lot of damage to your tower if left unchecked.

P.E.K.K.A: Another deadly tank, it's swings can do massive damage to a tower. It can one-shot any low HP troop with ease so making it difficult to counter. Unfortunately, in-spite it's destructive nature the P.E.K.K.A is easily distracted.

Giant Skeleton: This troop doesn't a lot of damage itself , it's the bomb which the skeleton drops after it dies that does damage. It can also be used as a sacrificial card to take out a large group of troops. But, like the P.E.K.K.A it gets easily distracted.

Golem:   The golem probably has the highest HP in the game. It's very slow and does damage upon death and then splits into 2 golemites. It is also risky to play this card as it leaves you starved for elixir.

Lavahound: It is a bit similar to the golem card. But unlike the Golem it isn't that easily distracted. The hound itself doesn't do that much damage, but when it dies it spawns lava pups. If supported by a mini-tank the pups can easily destroy a tower.

4.Don't want to use structures? Use swarm or high damage cards instead

If you don't like using structures in your deck then swarm can help you out. High damage cards like Mini-P.E.K.K.A, Knight, Musketeer, Mega Minion or Valkyrie also can help. But while using swarm cards be careful of splash troops as they can damage your troops. So if a tank is supported by a splash troop it's best you eliminate the support unit first before surrounding the tank or you can allow the support unit to lock onto your tower and then surround it with your troops.
Goblin gang, guards, minion horde and skeleton army are weak to arrows, whereas fireball or poison damages barbarians leaving them only with a sliver of health. In this case, it's advisable to switch the placement of your cards when duelling.

5.Ranged units can help support your tanks

A tank should never be sent in alone. Alone a tank can be easily distracted or surrounded. This is where a support unit comes in handy. It's even better if you use a ranged unit for support as they can help out your tank from a distance. Whether your tank is distracted by a structure or surrounded support troops can always help them out. Now your support troops can either be of two types:

  • Single-Target: Troops that can only do point damage. Although these troops can't help with swarms they can do a lot of damage to the enemy tower or to a structure if they manage to lock on.  Archers, Musketeer, Spear goblins are some very useful single target units.   
  • Splash: Splash units are very helpful in clearing out swarms. Troops like Executioner, Wizard, Witch or Bomber can deal swarms of troops that otherwise harm your tank.
But remember even with the help of ranged units, spells do come in handy.

Do you have some more tips to share? Feel free to comment below to share with the community! 😊

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