Clash Royale India community event: 2nd 2v2 draft challenge tournament

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Clash Royale India, a popular Facebook group is organising their 3rd tournament. Previously Clash royale India community and has collaborated together to host a massive 10,000 Gem tournament. Unlike that massive tournament, this tournament is different and based on 2v2 competition which is an immensly popular feature of Clash royale. 3 days back they hosted one tournament on the same pattern which was quite successful and due to the requests the group is hosting another Clash Royale tournament. The details of the tournament are given below:

Tournament details and rules: 

  • The tournament will be a knockout tournament based on 2v2 draft battle.
  • The tournament will start from 10 pm (IST), Sunday (July 9, 2017) and likely to run for 2 hours maximum. So this will be a lot of fun for sure!
  • participants need to fill out the form to register for the tournament. 
  • Everyone must get a partner for their 2v2 team. Without a partner, the registration form will be rejected. Fancy team names are appreciated.
  • On the tournament roster, your team names will stand for you. So you're requested to pick a good team name for you and your partner.
  • Only one from each team needs to fill out the form. No need of double application from both of the participants.
  • All the tournament details will be posted on Clash Royale India Facebook group and this article will be updated timely. So you can check this articles regularly for more info.
  •  you can sign up for the tournament by clicking here. Once you fill up the form, don't forget to comment on this post "registered"

Here are some photos of the recent tournament that Clash Royale India Facebook group hosted. It feels amazing to have 10+ spectators in a single match! and it is even better when you see confetti are coming every second 😍
live spectators in clash royale, cr tourneys

Tournament team selection process

Entries with incomplete info will be rejected straight. Last tournament participants who followed everything properly will be given the first choice in the team selection. 

In-depth tournament structure and details

Depending on the number of participants the knockout tournament fixtures be fixed. Basically, all the rounds will be 1 game knockout tournament until semi-finals. Then it will be best of 3. The tournament clan will open from 7 pm. The clan will be closed at 9 pm, then the final fixtures will be available. During this 2 hours who can't reach the mentioned tournament clan will be considered as out! Getting into the tournament clan during this time is important because in the last tournament we saw some teams didn't show up on time. 


At this moment we can only offer honour and fun as rewards. We can't offer any type of monetary rewards for now. But who needs monetary rewards when you can enjoy

Selected teams and fixtures

We have received huge number of responses, among them many are rejected because of incomplete info and same guy are pairing up with different guy. Due to the limited slots, we can offer 24 teams at the first place. The rest of the teams will be in sub. But if youre in sub, dont lose hope, i'll call your team if any of the first 24 teams fail to appear in time.

Here is the list for the first 24 selected teams. (12 pair of teams)
1. 1 Indian 1 English man (lj smith + leslie)
vs Beast Mode (Beast + Rajat)

2. Tag Team (Abhi + google)
vs KingSlayerUnited ( Evil tanmoy + tombstone)

3. Mumbai Warriors 1 (Inkheart + akash)
vs Team Vinians (Aladin + Bhola)

4. C-Bros (Zahham+ Zain the devil)
vs Dark Lord (Satyam+Sagar 2)

5. Ami KKR (KKR + Akash)
vs Losers (Daddy + Messi)

6. Ultimate Defenders (Temod + Temod_Youtube)
vs Freakish Monk (Vicious gamer + Dragon Rider izz)

7. Brothers (Munna + esad)
vs Nightmares (Sandy + Shadow)

8. Mumbai Warriors 2 ( Aditya + SCAR)
vs Team Royales ( John Medly + Godfather)

9. SIlent Yash (Chief yash + silent boy)
vs DSK (dk + SK)

10. Ball Busters ( sahin + Subrata)
vs Team Splash ( Rolston suvo + Shahzaib)

11. Pro Kings (King Pawan + MonmoyKohli)
vs Team rising Unicorns ( King Ayush + Micky Jain)

12. Get Wrecked (Swagger + Shivang)
vs Hammer Baaj (MacHammer + Braveheart)

The substitute teams are the following -
1. Mighty Studs ( Taher + Wizard)
2. Super Heroes ( JackieChan_yt + Agraj)
3. Dembani (Deepak + Mohit)
4. Doombringers ( FiredemonUtbe + DannySaxxo)
5. Hell Razors (Babu + DeViLiZzHere)
6. Rangers (Harish Reddy+Goutham)
7. The Daciots ( F0rest k + Death Hawk)

P.S. - Due to two "Mumbai Warriors" Ive to make Mumbai warriors 1 and Mumbai warriors 2. So please be careful on your team.
First 12 pair teams can get into the tournament clan - CR India Events.

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