Beginners guide to Builders base: 5 important tips

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A month ago Supercell released their biggest update of Clash of Clans. Since the launch of Clan wars, Supercell has not released any big update like this, But they claim that this is the biggest update of the game. Even though half of the clashers did not like this but some do! Now, the Builders Village is a part of the game and we have to build it along with our main game. In this article, I'm going to share the beginners guide on how you can progress smoothly on Builders Base.

Organising the base and building up economy

Once you unlock the builders village, your first target should be to join the two piece of existing walls to cover the side of a canon. This will not only make it look good but also help you to get your first 3 wins very easily. After your build, the resource buildings, make sure to spawn the defenses and the extra piece of walls. So what you need to do is, cover one of your defense buildings with 4 pieces of walls. At Builders Village 2 there arent much things you can do but the main game starts from Builders village 3. But you need to make sure you make the gold mine, elixir collectors upgraded and the storage as well.

Importance of star lLaboratory

Star Lab may sound familiar to many of the Clashers. Haha yeah! I'm talking about the Star labs from Flash (CW TV series). Anyway, same like the main base, the lab is as important as building defenses. Once you get the lab, your first priority should be upgrading Barbarians and Archers according to your need. level 4 Barbs and archers are very useful at the early stage, they wreck the bases very easily.

Proper trophy range

Trophy range is an important thing in this part of the Clash of Clans as this Builders Village introduces us to a different type of trophy system. The total loot system is built on the trophy, so players might be confused about their trophy range. Some may think that being at lower range might help them but it is not in Builders village. Higher the trophy, better the loot! which implies faster progress as loots are limited. Those little more loots will make big difference in the long run, so always try to be high.

Concept of loot system

Supercell introduced us to a different type of loot system in this Builders village. At the very start you may be confused about how the loot system is working, but let me explain, you can only get 3 loots in a day, unless you use gems to remove the loot cap and get 3 more loots!

Having patience

Most importantly, be patient! This village is not meant to be our main village so don't rush towards using Gems in this part and go with the flow unless you are a big fatty gemmer! I've done a forum post about How much gems they have used already in this village, on it I've noticed that people have already used a lot of their savings on the first 3 days. So don't be frustrated with the loot cap, just go with the time!

Do you have any more suggestions for the beginners? Let us know in the comments below!

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