All You Need to Know About the Future of Clash Royale Clan Battles

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About one month ago Supercell introduced the Clan Battle feature in Clash Royale. Unlike the tournaments, the Clan Battle is a massive success. From the very first time to the current time, the clan got a huge response. At the launch of this feature, we have noticed that SuperCell had to add more servers for it because of the huge response the feature has got. day by day they are implementing more improvements in Clash Royale and we can hope for more cool features in the game. Today in this article, we will talk about the future of Clash Royale Clan Battles.

So what can we expect from Supercell about this feature? Can we expect this to be a permanent feature? or maybe some clan exclusive stuffs with this team battle? wee, for your info, few days back, in a Dev Q&A session, Supercell has hinted us about some good future of Clan abttle or team battle.

Submitted by jhove5010 from reddit: With everyone loving clan battles, is there a good chance they will completely replace the normal clan chests?

We've talked about that, but I wouldn't say there's a "good chance" of it happening. We'd like to try and always run a special Challenge over the Clan Chest weekend, so ideally it becomes more fun and a bit easier to contribute towards. On the other hand, the Clan Battle Chest is awesome and we're exploring ways to make it a bigger part of the game.

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What we can get from this, that Supercell is working hard for making this team battle better in the near future. We can take the "Good Chance" as YES. Not only this, but they are also working on it for more engagement from the Clash Royale gamers.

Additionally, I would also like to add that, in the future Supercell may add more players in the Clan battles. Take a look on the april fool prank that Supercell posted.

According to some people, this april fool prank by Supercell is totally useless, but is it really useless? Well, this is just their experiment, probably they are working on larger team battles. We will be able to see that in time! Lets hope, the future of Clash Royale is going to be awesome with the clan abttle feature! What do you guys think? let me know in the comments below!

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