Why Emotes are Important in Clash Royale?


Emotes are one of the unique feature of Clash Royale. There are lots of players who are greatly addicted with these emotes while some hates using these emotes. But ofcourse these emotes are important in a game like Clash Royale. Currently there are 4 emotes in Clash Royale evoking different emotions. These are - 

  • Thumbs Up Emote - This one generally means you are doing good and the game is going good. It also signifies good luck.
  • The Crying Emote - While some people use it for proper use, some use it ironically. When you are destroying your opponent, if your opponent use it then it will be proper use, like he/she has nothing to stop you. But after destroying your opponent if you use this opponent then that will be the ironic use of this emote.
  • The Angry Emote -  Like the title says, it generally evokes the anger emotion, if you are angry with your opponent you can use it. Normally people uses it for the right purpose.
  • The Laughing Emote - This is the most irritating emote if you are losing a game. This is also used to piss off the opponents.
There are also additional comments that a player can additionally use to complement or to piss off his/her opponent. The fact is, these emotes, emotes really important for this game. According to supercell - 

Adding an option to mute, or delete, emotes is a highly requested change. However, we have no plans to implement this feature, and we want to explain why.
One of our core design principles is: Cards that evoke strong emotions are the best thing for Clash Royale. Cards such as Sparky, the Royal Giant and the X-Bow are great examples. They evoke strong positive and strong negative emotions from people. We don't want cards that are just "good" or "OK." We want cards that people will love - and inevitably when someone loves a card, someone else will hate it. These are the cards that create the most interesting conversations and will keep Clash Royale fun and fresh for years to come!
The same principle - evoking strong emotions - is at the heart of why we're not planning to implement a mute option. Emotes are loved by some and hated by others - even within the Clash Royale team! We believe these strong emotions are integral to the core of the game.
Clash Royale is not a single player game and shouldn't feel like one. Emotes are an important reminder that you're facing another human being - maybe they're a nice guy, maybe they're not - but there's a person at the other end of the Arena and not a robot. You can communicate with them and they can respond, regardless of language or cultural barriers.

So there is no chance that Supercell will be removing this feature in future. Additionally we can get some more emotes which will be pretty cool for sure.

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