The Log : Is It Really a Legendary Card?


In the last Clash Royale update, Supercell has added two new legendary cards, The Lumberjack and The Log. In comparison with the old 5 legendary cards, the Lumberjack is fine but what about the Log? Is it really worth as a legendary card?

Some known and Unknown facts about the Legendary Log
  • This card unlocks at the Builders Workshop.
  • It is an area damage spell.
  • The range of this card is 9.6 tiles.
  • The Log was created by The Lumberjack
First take a look at the description and stat of this cheapest legendary card.

The description says -
"A spilt bottle of Rage turned an innocent tree trunk into 'The Log'. Now, it seeks revenge by crushing anything in its path!"
And here is the statistics -

Now take a look at the pros of this Legendary Log
  • The best use of this card is, it can kill princess most of the time which will give 1 positive elixir trade.
  • The Log can push back most of the troops on its way and if the target is proper then it will even hit the arena towers and do a little damage.
  • When opponent has gathered a lots small elixir troops then thats the best time to use The Log.
Now take a look at the cons of this card
  • It can not touch air troops, which is pretty bad.
  • The Log can not properly kill most of the troops which has good HP. Only the pushing back of the other troops will not help all time as this is a legendary card.
  • This goes in a straight line, so it will not touch the troops which are not in that straight line.

Now, the main discussion comes, is the legendary mark on this card really do justice to its name and usefulness? As a cheap card, this card is good only to push back opponent's troops and killing the evil princess which can outrange your arena towers! But only this much use is good to be in your deck? I guess NO!

In comparison with another cheap spell card, Zap, which is one of the most used common cards, it is nothing! attacking both air and ground troops and hitting anywhere in the arena makes the zap really useful. Where as we cant use The Log in same purpose.

In comparison with another spell card, Arrows, the log cant hits air troops. Both has different area of effect and both cant be used instantly. But killing the Air troops will surely make the difference.

So, in my opinion, this Legendary log doesnt really has its value as a legendary card, atleast for now! But who knows that Supercell wont bring some changes and make it a very useful one? Till then, it will stay out of the battle deck I guess? 

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