How to Counter Giant Balloon Combo in Clash Royale


Both the Giant and Ballon were the hot favorite cards from the beginning of Clash Royale. Though this Giant Ballon battle deck was not very much famous earlier but with the recent updates this deck has become massively popular and players are using it for an easy 3 crown wins. I have noticed most of the Clash Royale gamers face problems to counter this bulky Giant Ballon combo. However, there are few tactics which will help you to counter this easily and give you a huge elixir advantage.

Lets first analyze, what makes this Giant Ballon strategy so famous? 
  • This deck is so bulky to stop unless you have proper counters.
  • This deck is very aggressive that generally targets 3 crown victory.
  • This deck is almost unstoppable once the attacker gets a good card shuffling.
But don't worry, in this article, I'll explain you the detailed process on how you can counter the deck without any big damage. One bonus thing here is, The Giant Ballon combo is of 10 elixirs, so probably you'll surely get some elixir advantage.

How can you counter this deadly Giant-Balloon combo?

The best option of countering the Giant Ballon is, the Inferno tower. One Inferno tower can possibly stop the whole 10 elixirs Giant Balloon push if it is placed properly. So now might be wondering what's the proper place? Lets say the opponent is attacking on your right side lane with the Giant-Ballon strategy, so you just have to place the Inferno Tower 2 tiles distance from the left side and 2 tiles above the left side. This will perfectly counter the Giant Ballon combo. The Best part about it is, This will give 5 elixir advantage!

The placement is very necessary. Though if you have freeze then it can help you to counter the combo even if you have misplaced your inferno tower. One thing to remember here, if opponent zaps your inferno tower then your inferno may not be able to destroy the balloon completely after killing Giant as the zap will reset the inferno damage.

Other good ways to counter Giant-Balloon combo

Well, there are more ways you can counter it. Some of them are -
  • Mini Pekka/Barbarian + Wizard/Minion/Minion Horde - Though these combos are not that cheap but still it will give you some elixir advantage unless you use Barbarian and Wizard to counter it. However, most important thing is the proper placement otherwise all your troops will target the Giant while the Ballon will deal massive damage to your tower.

These days, this deck is an easy approach for the players who wants to reach Legendary arena. Without having a legendary card, players are entering in Legendary arena with this popular combo. However, if you follow these tips, you'll surely stop your opponent and deal damage in return!

If you want to see the strategy, you can watch it here -

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