The Best Giant Skeleton and Goblin Barrel Deck with Proof: Reach 2900+ Trophies in Clash Royale

Best Goblin barrel and Giant skeleton deck in Clash Royale
In Clash Royale there are many players who are facing problem with not getting good cards, or maybe getting the cards they dont use. Though Giant skeleton and Goblin Barrel quite famous in lower arenas but we do not see them much after Spell valley or Arena 5. But no card is useless. We just have to find the perfect combo of using the cards to build an unbeatable deck. Today in this article I'll explain you how to use the Goblin Barrel and Giant skeleton is a way that you'll get past the lower arenas easily and you'll be going near Legendary arena!

Lets take a look at the deck -
Best Goblin barrel deck in Clash Royale
Goblin Barrel : One of the most trickiest cards in the game which falls in the epic category. Using them perfectly will destroy almost one tower. However, in this deck the Goblin barrel is used as a bait.

Inferno Tower : The one single inferno has the ability to shut down heavy hitpoint troops. Nothing can stop infront of it unless those are many in number, Here the Inferno has the same use like any deck, the guard of the kingdom!

Minion Horde : One of the most used cards in the game. They can used both for offense and defense. Here the Horde is used in a combination with the Giant Skeleton.

Spear Goblins : One of the most versatile cards in Clash Royale and one of my favorite cards. They are used here generally to deal some extra damage.

Giant Skeleton : One of the most dangerous cards in the game. Truely deserve the eipc quality. Here this Giant Skeleton card is the main key to Victory.

Fireball : Probably the best spell card in this game. Used to stop a push or to clear the path for your push. Here it is used as same.

Barbarians : The four barbarians, the guards of your towers! Have the ability to stop most of the troops unless they are air troops. Here the card is used as a defensive card. Generally to stop enemy push.

Arrows : Another great spell card. The minion horde is really annoying if you dont have this on your deck!

Deck Strategy : The key to win this deck  is to make your Giant skeleton to reach to the opponent arena tower. But the fact is, we are generally not able to do this most of the time. Everytime we try to do, our opponents distract the Giant Skeleton. But there is a high chance in this deck to do this and once you are able to do it, you can surely destroy one tower of the opponent. One thing to remember, your Goblin barrel is generally used as a bait here to make the opponent use their arrows to clear the question of survival of your Minion Horde. However, if your opponent has Wizard in his deck then it will be hard for you, then you have to use the barbarian in front of the Giant skeleton. So first, spawn the Giant skeleton at the back of the king tower. Until it reaches to the bridge you'll have your elixir full again. When your Giant skeleton will cross the arena tower, then throw the Goblin barrel and hopefully it will be able to do some damage unless the opponent has Arrows! and if the opponent throws arrows on Goblin barrel then half of the trick is done! Now just spawn the Minion Horde with the Giant skeleton. The minion horde will easily clear out the distractions for your Giant skeleton and it will reach the arena tower easily. The average elixir is 4.3 which is pretty good to go!
clash royale deck

However, if you want to play more offensively, you can always swap the inferno with Rocket. Bomb tower is a good replacement of Inferno too.

P.S. - This deck is quite hard to master and timing is very important. You'll need atleast 20-25 battles to understand the deck mechanics pretty well but if you learn, that will be worth the time! 

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