Reach Legendary Arena in Clash Royale With This Cheap Miner Deck

clash royale dark prince deck

Reaching Legendary Arena is still a tough work for most of the Clash Royale Players. Having or building a good deck si very important. But if you are lucky enough to get a legendary card then it will be quite easy for you to hit the Legendary Arena. In this article, I'll show you a good miner deck that can help you to reach Legendary arena in Clash Royale with a little effort.
legendary arena deck

Cards in the Deck
Arrows - Arrows are used generally to counter the minion horde and goblins. It is very useful in this current deck.

Barbarians - Keep this barbarians for the hard defense, generally to stop hog/golem/pekka/Royal Giant/Giant etc.

Goblins - This card is used in the deck to start a small push with the Dark prince and as well as in defense sometimes.

Minions - Generally used in defense as well as in the push. This air attackers are really useful if the opponent dont have any air defending on that moment.

Musketeer - One of the most used card in this game. It is very good as a 4 elixir rare card. To take out the air troops like Baby Dragon, Lava Hound, Balloon this is very useful. In this deck the Musketeer is used at the back of the Dark prince as well as in defense in need.

Valkyrie - After the last buff of her, shes very useful in defense. Here in this deck shes used to counter troops like barbarians, prince, mini pekka, pekka etc.

Dark Prince - Another version of Prince. Dark Prince is used in this deck as an offensive card.

Miner - One of the 5 legendary cards in Clash Royale. Miner is generally ised here to destroy defenses and the back up troops which will give you a good elixir advantage. 

Deck Strategy
Wait for your opponent to start the game. Remember one thing, The Miner card is your key card to take out the defenses to make the elixir advantage anyhow and the Dark prince is your main key card in pushing. Most of the times, you'll see your opponent either using Elixir collector or Royal Giant to start. So if your opponent starts with Elixir collector, start a small push with the Dark Prince and the Goblins on the same side. While the opponent tries to counter your push, send out the miner to take down the Elixir pump. In most of the time, the miner will destroy the pump and give the arena tower atleast 1 or 2 hits. Keep the barbarian and Valkyrie card for the hard defense. If your opponent start with the Royal Giant the use the Barbarians to kill it. Most of the people send fireball to kill the Barbarians but you know that the fireball will not kill the Barbarians completely. While your barbarians are busy killing the Royale Giant, send out the Miner to take out the Arena tower of that side. The barbarians will be left over with very low HP and the Miner will work as the tank. While the Towers will target and hit the Miner, The barbarians will be able to reach the Tower and hit a couple of times. Now you still have the Dark Prince, Musketeer to push in need. Repeat this couple of times and you'll get fair success.
clash royale deck

Final Verdict, This deck is a very cheap deck which costs 3.5 Average elixir. Mastering this deck can open up infinite possibilities. This deck looks good where Miner and Dark Prince are the two very important cards. Give this deck a try if you have the Miner!

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