Poison or Fireball: How to Choose The Best Spell Card For Your Deck

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Both the Poison and Fireball are very popular spell cards in Clash Royale. Fireball unlocks at the very beginning of the game whereas Poison unlocks at the Spell Valley. There are many people who are confused which is the proper card for their deck, is it Fireball? or the Poison? In this article, I'm going to explain you the merits and demits of having Fireball or Poison in your deck and how that single card can affect your winning chances in multiplayer battles.

First let us take a look at the poison card -


Like the description says - 
Covers the target area in a sticky toxin, damaging and slowing down troops and buildings. Yet somehow leaves the grass green and healthy. Go figure
Poison does damage over time which makes the main difference from Fireball. We can look at this as a good and bad point too.

Merits -

  • Deals damage over time which makes sure that your opponent will refrain from spawning small elixir troops. Not only that, the most annoying Horde won't be spawned by your opponent because he knows that his total 5 elixirs will go to waste.
  • Slows down your enemy troops which helps your troops to do better damage.
  • Covers a larger area in comparison with Fireball, so batter protection of course.
Demerits -
  • The poison is only effective if you use the tank type of troops but if you use fast-paced troops then fireball will be better option there.
  • Sometimes troops move out of your Poisoned area, in those cases the spell in go in waste.
  • Poison is an epic card, so there is no way you can ask for this card for upgrading. You have to be happy with what you have.
Here is the statistics of poison spell 
poison card statistics in clash royale

The description says -
Annnnnd... Fireball. Incinerates a small area, dealing high damage. Reduced damage to Crown Towers.
Fireball unlocks at the very beginning of the game which gives access to most of the players to use and learn about this spell from the start. Fireball is being used in most of the player decks as it is a last minute game changer, just like few Hp of a tower left and you can just fireball tower to bring the last minute victory. Let us take a look at its merits and demerits -

  • Unlike Poison, Fireball gives an instant result which makes people use this card very much, especially to change the game at the last minute. For example, Your opponent has destroyed one of your towers, you have also damaged his tower almost but couldn't destroy it completely. In this cases, Fireball is used at its best. Just throw one fireball and make it equal and you'll have an opportunity to change the game!
  • Fireball is very good to stop a push instantly. Sometimes, your enemy troops forcefully enter your side and you cant do anything. As Fireball deals a huge damage in a particular area, so you can stop the push instantly to bring peace on your side.
  • Fireball is useful to push back troops like Barbarians, Valkyrie which give your troops time to kill them easily.
  • You can upgrade fireball as you want as you can request for this card.
  • Fireball is useful to damage hutters instantly.
  • The 3 Musketeer threat can only be destroyed instantly with few troops and Fireball is one of them.
Demerits -
  • In some cases, the fireball goes to waste. For example, you threw Fireball assuming the enemy will spawn troops, but those actually showed up just after the fireball damage, so your 4 elixirs went to waste. 
Here is the statistics of Fireball
fireball statistics in clash royale

Final Verdict, Both of the cards are very useful but yeah it depends on the deck types for best use. If you are using tank type decks then I'll say Poison will be your best option as it can deal damage over time so poison will make sure your troops are protected. If you use High DPS instant hitting troops like Prince, Mini Pekka so here I'll say that Fireball will be a better option as these troops are easily distracted. So using the fireball to clear the path will be much better in comparison with Poison. If you are using a Hut spamming deck then Poison will be a better choice for you too as it deals damage over time. 

Now it is your turn to take a look at your deck to evaluate it yourself!

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