Introducing Clash Royale Clan Wars Concept: Lets Make It Happen

Clash royale clan wars

Many of the Clash Royale gamers are looking forward to see the Clan Wars feature in Clash Royale. We can guess that it will be a good addition if Supercell works on it. This Clan wars feature can shake up the whole Clash Royale gaming concept. As for now, the Clash Royale game is limited to pvp and friendly battles only. Not much thing to do ingame. But the addition of Clan wars can fill the game with much more excitement. In this article I’ll explain you how the Clan Wars feature can be made in Clash Royale and how it will look like.

To talk about Clan wars in Clash Royale first we need to focus on certain points which are very important to do the match making and other than those points the matchmaking will not work. Lets take a look -

Player Selection for Clan war – The Leader and Co leader of a clan can start a war with the online members only. The participants number can be 5,10,15 or 20 maximum. The players have to be online at the time of starting war to get selected in the clan war.

Clan War Duration – There will be no preparation time here like Clash of Clans because the war will be instant. The Clan war will be of a very short period of time. 1 hour for a 5 members war, 1 hour 30mins for 10 members war, 2 hours for 15 members war, 2 hours 30 mins for a 20 members war. I’ll explain why this so short time is.

How the Matchmaking will Work – In matchmaking the player’s trophy will not matter because for getting easy opponents one team can lower their trophies. So, the matchmaking will work on the Card levels on the current deck of the players which they cant change in war battles only. So one player can select only one deck for the war. However, during the war period if they play pvp battles they can access to his other decks normally. Just like selecting and starting war in Clash of Clans he leader and Co leader will select and start the clan war and get matched with another clan.

The battle system in Clan war – There will be a different chat for that particular time period for that 2 clans where they will be able to challenge their opponents. But they cant write anything there, they can only challenge their opponents and that chat system will also be visible to the other members of that 2 clans so that they can enjoy the live battles and cheer them up! One player can do only 2 battles in the war. But they will get suggestions of 4 players out of his all the opponents among which he will have to choose his 2 opponents. For example, the 10 members war is happening but not everyone can challenge any of the other players. The challenger will get a suggestion of 4 players out of the 10 opponents, out of this 4 he will have to select any 2 for the war battles.

But there comes a question, lets say one clan is ahead in point and then they aren’t accepting the challenge of the opponents just in case they lose the battles and lose the war. But for these cases, for the last 10 mins of the clan war, the battles will be automated like in the training where the computer plays automatic against a player. This is just to have a fair play, no cheating.

clan battle in Clash royale

The pointing System – The battle system will be based on total wins. One win will give 3 points, it doesn’t matter if it’s a 1 crown victory or a 3 crown victory. Draw will give 1 point to the each side. But if we see equal points at the last moment the the number of total crowns on each side will select the winner of the war.

Clan War Reward – There will be different kind chest for the Clan war rewards which will not take any time to open. We can open it instantly and it will not take any spaces in the 4 chest slot. If someone forgets to open the chest just after the war ends then the chest will pop up each time the player opens the game to make sure the player opens the game. But I guess none will stack up their chests. The bigger the clan war, the better the rewards will be. Here is my idea about rewards –

War participants
Chest Name
Approx. Gold
Approx. Cards
Number of Common Cards
Number of Rare Cards
Number of Epics
Number of Gems
Wooden War Chest
Silver War Chest
Golden War Chest
Platinum War Chest

P.S. – The Legendary card drop will be same like the other chests and it will depend on Supercell on how they will make the card drop.

How the Clan War will affect the whole Clan -  Supercell can add some kind of status to the clans according to the total wins, just like Clash of Clans. Maybe some clan levels and clan level bonus such as requesting time cut off, ability to ask more cards etc.

This is my total concept about the Clan wars in Clash Royale. What do you think about it? Have I missed something or something needs to be improved? Let us know in the comments below! Lets hope that we will see the Clan wars feature in Clash Royale very soon!

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