iClashRoyale.in Colossal Tournament Winner Details!

Hello everyone! Finally the iClashRoyale.in Colossal Tournament succeeded! Lots of applications but there were many players absent in the first round. However, we were able to manage the tournament properly. Lots of players, lots of live watchers, lots of confetti!

The tournament was scheduled from11:30am IST but due to some problems, it started at 12pm IST and the quarterfinals round happened till 3:30pm. 1 champion from each 4 clans were selected who were in semi finals. The semi finals were best of 3 battles and the final was best of 5.

From Clan 1, Slim Shaddy of India clan qualified. From Clan 2, Pankaj of India Clan. from Clan 3, Ayush of India Clan and from Clan 4, Kratos of Royal Empire qualified. Among them Slim Shaddy and Pankaj went to final. Finally Pankaj won the champion title and secured his 5,000 Gems!

Thank you all of you for your participation and we are looking forward to do some more tournaments in the upcoming days!

Here are some ingame match screenshots if u like to see -

Overall, the tournament was a great success and looking forward to do some more amazing tournaments in future!

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