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Hello everyone! Tournament is tomorrow, 15th May starting from 11:30am IST. The iClashRoyale.in Colossal Tournament has got some great responses already. Over 150 Applications in a day so I had to close the registrations. Many of you were asking for the rules and regulations. So here those are -

Tournament Rules

  • The Official Tournament cap rules apply first. Max King Cap - 9,  Common level Cap - 9, Rare level Cap - 8, Epic level Cap - 4, legendary level cap - 1
  • You can only use one deck in the tournament. If you found changing your deck then you'll be disqualified straight. So choose your deck carefully. 
  • There will be no Chatting inside the tournament clan. You just have to enter the Tournament clan 30 minutes before the Tournament start. Keep one thing on your mind that if you fail to enter the clan before 30 minutes then you wont be able to enter the clan later because the clan moderator will close the clan. If you have really any problem then you can report that before 10am.
  • The Clan moderator will write which fights will happen next. After the moderator writes who will fight who then any of that 2 participants will write his opponent's name in the friendly battle request. However, the Tournament roster will be live today. So you can check that with whom you'll fight in the Tournament section of the Blog.
  • There will be no trial round of something, so come prepared.
  • If someone is absent in the battle time, we will just postpone the battle until the round ends, if the participant fails to come before the round ends then the opponent will be qualified for the next round.
  • If you are found spamming in chat then you'll be kicked out of the clan and your entry will be disqualified.
  • Incase you face connection problem then you may take the screenshot and report to the admin, we may reconsider that by making your battle again.
  • If you lose, that means you are out! No swearing for that. Keep the environment cool. All the rounds will be of one battle knock out round. The semi finals will be of Best of 3 and Final will be of Best of 5.
P.S. - Rules may change later according to the need. So keep urself updated!

You might be wondering how this will happen? We have a total of 128 players. There are 4 clans which will take 32 tournament players on each. 1 player will qualify from this each clan who are going to battle in semi finals. If you can be champion of your respected clan then that means you confirmed you 1000 Gems!!! That qualified 4 players will be moved into the first Clan and the rest of the battle will be done inside.

The 4 Clash are the following!

  • Clan 1 - #9UOP2PQ
  • Clan 2 - #9CJLCQQ
  • Clan 3 - #YVCQ9GY
  • Clan 4 - #P2OORY8

If you want to know more about the Tournament then check out this article.
If u you want to see the participants list then click here
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Best of Luck Everyone!

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