How to Win More in Clash Royale: 6 Simple Tactics to do Better

How to push faster in Clash Royale

Winning and Losing are part of the game but there are few things by which you can make more wins in Clash Royale. There aren't tough to master. Take a look at these 6 Special tips by which you can do a lot better in Clash Royale Battles.

1. Choosing a balanced deck – To do good first you need a good balanced deck with good level of cards according to your arena. Balanced deck is necessary because without it you properly defend and counter push in time. So it is the first step towards the success.

2. Managing the Shuffling of cards in battle deck – You know which are the main starter cards in your battle deck. Due to random card shuffling sometimes you don’t get your special starter cards at the start of the battle. On these cases it will be hard for you to do a proper start from your side, so wait for your opponent to take the first step. Meanwhile make your mind to defend their troops with the first 4 cards you’ve got, then after the starter card appears on the deck, now its your turn!
For example, I play with Giant deck and Giant is my starter card. Not all the time I get Giant as the starter card. So on these times, I wait for my opponent to start the game, then I counter it and push back!

3. Idea of Elixir Advantage -  An Important part of doing good in battle is having idea about the elixir flow and the doing the guess of elixir of your opponent. This may not effect directly but this will help in long run. The more you can guess your opponent’s elixir, the more chances you have to win the game if both of your cards are generally in equal level.
For example, The game is on extra times and anyone taking the first tower out, will win the game. You are seeing your opponent spawned Golem and another troop on its back, now you know that the opponent zeroed his elixir. Now if you want you can push hard on the other side to make sure you destroy the opponent tower before your opponent destroys yours.

4. Troop Placement – Troop placement is a vital part in winning a battle. Doing proper troops placements can make you beat strong opponents with higher level cards.  Sometimes different placement of same troops in battle can bring different results.
For example, When I spawn Giant, I keep enough distance between the Giant and my 2nd troop that I spawn to reinforce it. Lets say, Ive spawned Witch at the back of Giant. After the Witch lock its target to the tower, its time for the oppoenet to place Minion horde (if they are going to use Horde to counter). If you are going to use Barbarians to counter the tank type troops then make sure to spawn it at a place that it will counter the troop first that is at the back of the tank.

5. Proper Timing of Spell Cards – The spell cards are vital part of our battle deck. So we have to learn to use the card properly, I mean the proper timing. A proper timing of a spell card can make your push unstoppable. You need to master it to do better in battles.
For example, Lets say you use Hogs and Fireball. If you already know that your opponent will counter your Hog with barbarians then throw the Fireball just when you see that your Hog will reach the Tower, cause probably that is the time your opponent’s barbarians will show up. With the Hog if u send spear goblins then it can surely clear the path because only the fireball wont kill the opponent barbarians.

6. Making Slow Troops to Move faster – This is a great idea to push faster. The Slow troops like Giant, Giant Skeletons, Balloons takes time to reach to the opponent tower. But you can make them move faster! If you use fast troops behind a slow troop then it will make them move faster.

For example, If you put Goblins behind a Giant then you’ll see your Giant moving a lot faster. If you put Hog Rider behind the Barbarins then you’ll see immense speed in the Barbarians movement. Now you can guess what will happen to the tower if the opponent failes to use a proper splash damage troop. Another big use of this tactics is placing a baby Dragon at the back of Balloon. Balloon is very dangerous if it reachs to the tower but the slow speed generally kills it. So using the Baby dragon can make it move a lot faster! 

Have I missed something or do you have a special tip to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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