How to Make a Successful Clan in Clash Royale: 12 Tips From the Successful Leaders


Making a Clan successful in Clash Royale is one of the biggest challenges in the game. As Clash Royale dont have the Global Chat available so there are no other ways in the game you can recruit players like Clash of Clans from the global chat. But you can hold your members tight and slowly add members with the crew and ultimately build a successful clan in the game. In this article, I'll explain you the best ways of making a clash royale clan successful.

Here we go -

  1. The best way to start a clan is, starting with few friends of people you know. But don't be greedy for high trophy players at the start. You need loyal and active players at the start who will stick with your clan. Thus starting a clan with the people you know give yoyu security that they wont leave the clan.
  2. You need to be patient when you start a clan. Don't expect your clan to be in top 10 local at the very beginning because successful clans take time to reach there.
  3. Have some rules for the clan to keep the clan environment friendly. One toxic member can change the clan environment and slowly poison the clan. But don't make too much rules, otherwise the players will feel like you are restricting them.
  4. Try not to fill your clan by the people who asks for Co-leader or Elder at joining. These ranks should be given to the trusted people only. Otherwise a new Co-leader have the ability to demolish a clan to the ground. So choose your assistants carefully.
  5. Try to be polite towards the new members because you want them to be a lifetime member of the clan. Make them feel the clan their home so that they will not look further for another clan.
  6. Keep your Clan entertaining. Have some tournaments. One tournament in a month will be fine.
  7. Dont donate cards to the players who just joined the clan and asked for cards. Because they might leave the clan. There are some players like this, so no need to waste your cards on the people who do not deserve this. People who generally doesnt say any greetings after joining are the ones of this category.
  8. After you have members more than 40, set a goal you can reach with your members. Cheer them up and initially you can set a goal to reach the top 200 of the local rank if your clan is not there yet. If your clan is there already then set a better goal and try hard to achieve it, But do remember one thing, everyone's contribution is needed to make the clan growing, only the Leader of the clan can not progress the clan.
  9. Kick players regularly who are not active or can not go with the pace of your clan. This type of members slows down a clan and I guess you dont want them to be in your clan.
  10. A leader doesnt have much work in the Clan but his presence is important for the members. 3-4 hours/day will be enough. But yeah the leader needs to interact with his members.
  11. Try to sort out the things in the clan if there is any. Fights between members breaks the clan unity. So it is very important to sort it out as soon as possible.
  12. Have some friendly battles with your clan members daily. This will build the involvement of the members in the clan as well as it will increase the Clan Unity.  
If you think you can do all these perfectly then go and build a clan right away and make your clan to the top ranks! If you have any tips to share the feel free to write them below in the comments section!

All the tips are composed by Haseeb (Leader of India's no 1 Clan - INDIA CLAN) and Tousif (Leader of Royal Empire family with over 140 members - ranked 7th in local. You can Find more about Royal Empire in the menu section). Thanks a lot Haseeb for the tips!

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