How to Counter Sparky: Best 4 Ways to Defeat It

How to defeat sparky

Yesterday Clash Royale got a new update (v1.3.2) and with it there has been the addition of 6 new cards. Out of this 6 new cards, 3 are legendary cards. Among this 3 Legendary cards, Sparky is one of them and it is the most discussed topic after the update in the Clash Royale Forum. Many of the people are confused about how to defeat this legendary card. In this article, I'll explain how you can counter sparky in some easy effective ways.

The best way: Rocket 'em

This will be an equal elixir trade but with the hitting of rocket on it, you can manage to damage other troops or Arena towers too if u place the rocket properly. If your opponent spawns sparky from the king tower then u have a chance to damage the arena towers too with the rocket. If your opponent spawns in front of the bridge then he will probably reinforce it with other troops, so just rocket 'em! You'll get a fair elixir advantage.

Careful placing of Barbarians or Skeleton Guards

Another great way is to counter it with Barbarians or Skeleton Guards. After the sparky enters your side, just drop your Barbarians or Skeleton guards on the sparky, those troops will split and hit it. As the sparky dont have 360 degree attacking ability like the Dark prince, your rest of the barbarians or Skeleton guards will make it easily!

Discharging Sparky by placing a Zap on it

You can easily discharge Sparky by placing a Zap on it! So once you discharge sparky, you'll have 5 seconds till it gets its charge back again. Use the time properly and you can destroy it.

Proper use of Skeleton + other high damage troop

Here is another way to counter Sparky but it is bit risky. When the sparky enters on your side with its charge, just spawn the 1 elixir skeleton infront of it, sparky will discharge by hitting it, now its your time to destroy it. But be careful on it because the sparky must have some back up beside it and you'll have 5 secs till sparky gets its charge again.

However, you can always have killed sparky with Minion horde but I didnt mention that as a point because most of the players keep arrows or Minion horde, so it wont be much effective.

Do you have anymore tips to counter sparky? Let us know in the comments below!

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