How To Counter Hog Decks: 5 Best Ways to Kill Hog Rider

best ways to kill hogs

The Hog Rider is one of the powerful cards in the game and probably one of the most used cards in this game. After crossing level 5 the hog becomes little bulky and it becomes hard to stop him. The direct hitting to defence buildings is making the Hog Card so much popular. I see many of the players are getting in trouble because of this hog rider. The Hog-Freeze deck used to be one of the most powerful combos in this game, but SuperCell just nerfed Freeze card but I guess nerfing 1 second is not enough so it will still be used, but maybe the percentage will fall a little. There are lots of Hog combos that can drive you crazy. In this article, I'll explain you the tactics about how you can stop the Hog Rider

1. Hog + Zap : The Hog+zap combo is generally paired with Goblins. So put a canon at the centre of the map, just 3,4 tiles away from the arena tower just after the hog is deployed. If you have zap then put it on the Goblin+hog combo, it will kill the goblins. Hopefully, the hog will die too before it hits your arena tower.

2. Hog+Freeze : In this case, you cant follow the steps like the above. So just put the canon near the bridge, so that the freeze cant stop the canon and use any cheap elixir troops to finish the hog. Though in this way the hog will be bale to hit your tower one or two times.

3. Hog + Mini Pekka : This combo is quite popular too. This is generally used to make advantage of the canon placing. But you have to distract the mini pekka with your troops, otherwise, the any of the Mini pekka or Hog will surely reach to your arena tower and do a heavy damage if you fail to stop. So what you have to do is place the canon in the middle but distract the mini pekka with low elixir troops. Beware of zaps in this time.

4. Hog + Fireball : If you already know that your opponent is using fireball then do not place the barbarians in front of the tower, so that the opponent can hit both your tower and barbarians. Place the barbarians near the bridge. Let your tower take one or two shots from the hog. Using canon to distract won't help much in this case because of fireball.

5. Hog + Baby Dragon : In this case the Barbarians are the best. Don't focus on the Baby dragon, focus on killing the hog rider first. The arena tower will kill the baby dragon. However, if you have archers or spear goblins you can use from another side to do damage to the Baby Dragon.

However, keep in mind that the Barbarians, Minion Horde, Bomb Tower, Canon, Skeleton army, Guards are the best counters for hog.

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