How Often Can You Receive Legendary or Epic Card in Clash Royale?

Legendary card drop, epic card drop

For many Clash Royale players, card dropping is still a mystery, specially the Epic and Legendary card drops. Though the card drops are totally random but there is a percentage which can tell you about the chances you have to get Epic or Legendary card. In this article I’ll explain you how the epic and legendary card drops and how much chances you have to grab those cards!
Supercell has stated that –

·        Rare cards are 10 times rarer than Common Cards
·        Epic cards are 20 times rarer than Rare cards
·        Legendary cards are 20 times rarer than Epic cards

So if we convert this in percentage we will see like this –
  • Common – 90.48%
  • Rare – 9.05%
  • Epic – 0.45%
  • Legendary – 0.02%

It means that a player have a chance of receiving a legendary card once in every 5000 cards that the player receives.

Though there is no confirmation from Supercell about the Supermagical chest drop, but you have certainly better chances of getting a Legendary card in Supermagical chest than any other chests in Clash Royale because it guarantees high number of Epic cards.

It is still unknown to many of us that, many of the players has already got more than one Legendary cards already but some players don’t have any. Is this just badluck for those players? Or, maybe Supercell has different algorithm for the cards that is still a secret!

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