From Arena 4 to Arena 8: Amazing Cheap Deck to Reach Legendary Arena

best deck to reach Legendary arena

Reaching Legendary Arena as a F2P is quite hard for now. The trophy range of 2700-3000, it is full of players with Legendary cards who will push you back no matter how hard to try. But still you can reach to legendary arena if you have the capability. For that ofcourse you need some cool decks. The deck ill show you, neither have any Legendary nor Epic, but still it managed to reach Legendary Arena because this deck is amazing! You will realize this too, once you start using it.

So lets take a look at this amazing deck!

Crizz deck, Royale empire crizz deck
Arrows - This card is one of the best spell cards. Its very useful to take out the horde or goblins, Upgraded arrows can kill the princess which is very important. In this deck the arrows has the same purpose.

Knight - This is one of the less used cards in the game but it can open up a great possibilities for the other troops. Knight is very useful to stop rushes sometime. It can kill hogs easily too. Here in this deck it is used for the defense.

Goblins - The tiny goblins are very useful and one of the most popular cards. With the combination of Hog Rider it can dead heavy damage. In this deck the goblins are used in offense with Hog Rider. However, you can also do defense in need.

Minions - The 3 minions are good to take out the ground troops like Barbarians or any other, It can also challenge the Baby Dragon and sometimes it can do damage to the Bomb Tower and Canon. In this deck minion is used  to deal extra damage while other cards keep the opponent busy. However, if your opponent uses arrow to take out your minion then it will be equal elixir trade.

Canon - One of the most used cards in the game. Canon is generally used to distract attackers and it is quite successful on it. In this deck Canon has the same purpose.

Hog Rider - The main offense along with the Goblins. Pair it with Goblins, Knight and Minions and pack it with a fireball so clear out the path!

Goblin Hut - It is very important card in this deck. This Goblin hut is used to keep your opponent busy. At the 2x elixir period, the Goblin hut can also be used to protect your arena towers.

Fireball - Another great spell card. You can either use it to stop a push or you can use it to clear the path for your hog push. Because most fo the time your opponent will try to counter you with Barbarians. So Hog with goblins or minions can do it easily once the fireball is timed properly.

Deck Strategy
The basic game plan is to spam with Goblins only and using the Knight infront and pushing with Hog. The goblin hut is really irritating for your opponent because each goblin does a little damage to the tower if they are not distracted. So, first place a goblin hut, then pawn the knight and start a push with Hog+Goblins. If the opponent places canon then probably the hog will be able to destroy the canon and maybe do one hit to the tower but the backup troops like Knight and minions will reach to the tower by then and it can do a good damage. If you see your opponent is placing barbarians then throw a fireball instant and arrows for the minions. If you see your opponent is starting with a heavy troop like Golem or pekka then it is not the time to start the push, Start placing small troops and save the knight. Golem of pekka generally takes either Wizard or Ice wizard at the back. So place the canon to distract the heavy troop and use the knight once they cross the bridge and then use the goblins, minions to take out the rest. So you can see the Knight plays a vital role in this deck. The average elixir cost is very cheap so you can do this hog push many times. If you see one side is getting busy and you cant so anything there then make a small push on the other use with Hogs and goblins + either fireball/arrows depending on the opponent.

crizz deck in Clash Royale

Final Verdict - This deck is quite handy and can counter almost every deck, But this deck finds it hard to control the golem decks at the 2x elixir period. Actually this is a deck of a clan mate, Ive fought with him many times and in most of the battles I lose. Thus I know that this deck is really cool and can bring you immense success.

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