First day Impression of the New Clash Royale Update : All You Need to Know


Its been few hours the new Clash Royale Update 1.3.2 is out with brand new cards and few balance changes. This update has some great addition to the game and as well as this update has balanced the game in a nice way. For example, the mortar users were very much irritating but now hopefully we will see no more Mortar decks like it was happened with Xbow deck. Another good thing is, Supercell now decreased the lifetime of Bomb Tower which is one of the most wanted card. This was all the balance changes, now lets talk about the new features, the new cards to be more specific.

New Cards

  • New Common Card : Fire Spirits - they seems to be useful against some of the cards, not with the all cards though. This card is specially useful against the low HP cards like Goblins, Spear goblins, Minion horde etc. This will give you a good elixir advantage if it is used properly.
  • New Rare Card : Furnace - Another Spawner building addition. This building is a good addition to the game. Furnace spawns Fire spirits and those tiny creatures can easily keep one side busy. Also if it is used behind a tank then can deal good damage to those troops which will try to stop your tank.
  • New Epic Card : Skeleton Warriors - They looks like the smaller version of Barbarians with low elixir. They are pretty much useful
  • New Legendary Card : Sparky - One of the toughest cards in this game. If they have a tank infront, then you're gone! Looks like a better version of Pekka!
  • New Legendary Card : Lava Hound - Probably the most OP card in this game. Unless you counter this card with Minion Horde, one Lava Hound will take out your one tower. If not completely then it will eat almost the total health. This card looks like an ariel version of Golem.
  • New Legendary Card : Miner - It is a better version of Goblin Barrel. Much better to be honest, much more Hp, much more versatile and useful.
So the cards are pretty nice,  but the fact is, out of this 6 new cards, 3 cards come under the Legendary type. For the normal f2p players, this is going to be hard to get those cards and this will completely help those big fatty gemmers to take the lead. However, SuperCell give those legendary cards but the drop rate is very very low, even I dont have any of the legendary cards. So unlucky? I think yes!

Other Cool Additions
  • The new card donation system is awesome. Better the arena, more the cards.
  • Super Magical chest drop is now double.
  • Live spectating of the friendly battles
  • TV Royale for all arenas. So you have a chance to get your battle featured on TV Royale.
  • Now you'll receive gold to win pvp upto a limit
  • Awesome new badges to tune up your clan. I've already seen about 10% of the clans have already changed their logo into the new ones.
You can read the detailed changelog by clicking here

The Final Verdict
The continuous effort SuperCell is always great. They are showing their care for their customers. However, keeping the monetary thing in their in their mind they are going ahead and making 3 legendary out of this 6 is just the proof of it.

So what do you think about this new update? Let us know in the comments below!

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