Clash Royale's First level 6 Player to Reach Legendary Arena: Meet Pompeyo4.1

Reaching Legendary arena isnt an easy task for normal F2P players at this moment. But there is a player who made it Legendary arena, instead of being a level 6 player. Well we will find lots of players to hit Legendary arena being a f2p player, but the most amazing part is, he entered Legendary arena being a level 6. Sounds amazing, isnt it? I think yes! Meet Pompeyo4.1 a player from Mexico to achieve this record.

I've had the pleasure to talk with Pompeyo 4.1 who made this record. So what did he do to make this awesome record? Ive asked him few questions on his legendary work and he answered my questions very well.

Question: You started the journey thinking to achieve this record? 
Pompeyo4.1: I really wanted to start a new account primarily because I was bored of Legendary Arena Gameplay, and I wanted something new and refreshing, so I went ahead and created it. Later, I got the ice wizard from a silver chest and that was the deciding factor.

Question: What make you achieve this great record? 
Pompeyo4.1:  Primarily the inspiration from the people, I said to myself "If those guys can make as level 7s to legends, why cant I do  that as a lvl 6?"

Question: How did u get to know that the deck you were using will make it to legendary arena? 
Pompeyo4.1: I created it, based on the fact I got 20 HOgs from a Giant chest and Ice wiz from a silver chest

Question: what is your feeling after achieving this great record? 
Pompeyo4.1: I didnt believe it at first, it was awesome to know that I was the first (or one of the first) lvl 6 in legendary. I soon got in contact with Ash and he showcased me in one his videos, which brought lots of fame to me, and several top clans tried to recruit me afterwards.

Question: What are the tips you'll give towards the players who wants to achieve this target?
Pompeyo4.1: There are a ton, you can check Ash's video and list them 

So he has did a great work indeed. I believe you can do this too if you are a serious gamer like him. Here is the deck that has used to achieve this record
pompeyo4.1 clashroyale legendary deck
If you want to see the battle strategies of Pompeyo4.1 then you can check this video from Ash

Are you thinking to achieve this target? Let us know in the comments below!

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