Clash Royale Lava Hound : The Aerial Giant With Infinite Possibilities

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In the last update SuperCell added Lava Hound as a legendary card which unlocks in Arena 4 generally known as Pekka's Play House. In this article I'll explain in depth guide about Lava Hound, the best use of it and its weakness.

Best Use : Lava Hound takes 7 elixir and have a high hitpoint. It is basically a Ariel Giant if you compare the hitpoints of both cards. Lava Hound is having the lowest dps among all the cards in the game being a legendary card but there is more! The Lava Hound has 2 phases. In the first phase it is basically a tank which will make less damage than a spear goblin. In the phase 2, it will break into 6 Lava pups having dps of 3 minions. As the lava hound basically works as a tank, thus it works with any troops that has a good damage and then that unit can return the favor by being the tank while the lava pups do heavy damage. Understanding this concept can open up infinite possibilities.

Best Counter : Lava Hound can be countered with Minions, Inferno and Tesla. Tesla is the best choice here as it can easily take down the Hound as well as the pups. The lava pups may put as much damage as minions but they die in one shot with the zap. The trick is to position your zap on the shadow just right before the Lava Hound breaks into the pups.

Best Combo : Lava Hound can be used in various combos, however it would be best to use it as Tank. Combine it with the Minion Horde and it can dead heavy damage to the opponent tower unless the arrow your minions and take out your Lava Hound with his minion. Lava Hound can also be used as tank infront of Balloon. If you can use the concept I mentioned above then theres infinite possibilities.

Final Verdict : Some people may feel that the lava hound is not worthy as Legendary but the fact is it depends on their use. How they use it with other combos that will change the game, because there arent much troops that can counter the air troops, here lies the main secret!

Special thanks to Yarn for the in-depth guide. 

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