Best Royal Giant Deck in Clash Royale : Push to Legendary Arena

Royal Giant battle deck guide
From the birth of Royal Giant in Clash Royale it wasn't much useful until the last update. But after the last Clash Royale update (1.3.2) Royal Giant is being used massively and ofcourse there are some reasons. The reborn of Royal Giant is letting Clash Royale players to push their trophies very easily. In this article, I'll explain of the best Royal Giants decks you can have to push yourself into Legendary Arena.

 After getting the buff in the last update, Royal Giant is now one of the most powerful as well as popular card in this game. Its increased rangle is outranging defense buildings, which is very bad for the opponents. One of my friend, Haseeb (leader of India's top clan), who used this Royal Giant deck to push to legendary arena and now he is having 3300+ trophies with this deck. So you might be wondering what is his deck? Lets see!

best royale giant deck strategy
His deck contains Minions, Royal Giant, Barbarians, Freeze spell, Bomb Tower, Arrows, Elixir pump, Hog Rider. So far the deck has very well success rates for him.

Deck Strategy : The strategy is simple simple to understand and use. Just put down the elixir pump everytime and and start with Royal Giant. But one thing to notice that. You must have to spawn the Barbarians infront of the Royal Giant to soak all the damage and and to protect the Royal Giant from the enemy troops. It will not matter with what your opponent will counter you but with this, you'll be able to take out atleast half health of the opponent arena tower or maybe the full. You also have Hog+Freeze here. You can also do Hog+Freeze push in the 2x elixir period. You have minions and arrows too if your opponent tries to counter your troops with minion horde. The Average elixir cost of this deck is 4.4 which is pretty good for both Royal Giant and Hog push!

Basically, this deck looks pretty strong unless your opponent push yourself in the otherside with Balloon. Keep one thing on your mind that, no deck will be successful at the very first try, it will take time for you to understand the deck mechanics. So, good luck with the Royal Giant!

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