Best Balloon Freeze Deck in Clash Royale: Reach 3400+ Trophies With This Deck

clash royale best balloon freeze battle deck
Reaching Legendary Arena without any Legendary card is pretty hard for now. But there are some good decks with those you can reach to Legendary arena. The combination of cards as well as card level matters. This deck is one of those kind of decks. You can reach to legendary arena using this deck even if you dont have any Legendary cards in Clash Royale. This deck is used by Pankaj,a top 50 player in Indian local leaderboard. Lets see whats inside the deck -

Freeze - Very useful spell if timing is proper. The freeze card is used with Ballon here but in need it can also be used with Hog Rider.

Goblins - The tiny goblins are very good in defending. They make a perfect combination with Hog Rider in pushing. But here the Goblins are used in defensive purpose

Wizard - One of the best splash attackers in Clash Royale. In this deck the wizard is used to give backup to the Balloon in ground.

Inferno Tower - Inferno can take down the biggest threats of Clash Royale. Golem, Pekka, Giant like heavy troops are easy kill for Inferno tower. The inferno tower is used here to shut down the heavy elixir troops.

Fireball - One of the most used spell cards in the game. Fireball can be used in both in offense and in defense. In this deck the Fireball is generally used to clear the path for the balloon, the ground troops targeting Balloon.

Barbarians - The four barbarians have the ability to stop any ground push. In this deck the barbarians are used only for defending purpose.

Arrows - Arrows are generally used to take out Minion Horde or Goblin push. Its important to clear out Minion horde if you use Balloon otherwise the minion horde will never let the balloon to reach opponent tower.

Balloon - Balloon is the key card of this deck. The main card to take out the opponent tower. Combine it with freeze to bring out the best result.

Deck Strategy - The deck is solely based on Balloon-Freeze combo. So you have to keep in mind that somehow you have to make your balloon reach to the opponent tower along with clearing the threats. At the very start of the game spawn your balloon at any side you want, try to place it as much close to the sidebar as possible, this helps in avoiding the distraction buildings sometimes. With balloon, spawn the goblins at the ground and also notice tour elixir flow cause once the balloon reaches the tower, you have to put the freeze spell over there. If you get successful in doing this properly, you'll be able to take out the tower in one push. Incase yopur opponent starts with heavy troops like Giant, Pekka, Golem, then place the inferno to clear out the threat and use the Wizard, Goblins for hard defense. If needed use the fireball to clear out everything in one shot. Always remember, Balloon is the key card in this deck so you have to cycle the cards to get it back again. If you face hutters then you might face trouble with this deck, other than that, this deck works pretty well with most of the decks. 
clash royale battle deck
Here's the proof that you might like to see. If you have got atleast level 3 Balloon then I guess it can make you reach to Legendary arena.

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