Be Legendary With Sparky: Best Sparky Deck in Clash Royale

sparky deck to reach legendary arena
Reaching Legendary arena is the dream for many Clash Royale players specially for the free to play gamers. Without having a legendary card it is even harder. But if you are lucky enough to get a legendary card then you will not find much trouble to get into legendary arena in comparison with the players who do not have any legendary card. What Ive noticed till now that, in the games, one legendary card makes the difference. In the last update SuperCell added 3 new legendary cards and among them Sparky is the most powerful and dangerous legendary card! It's splash damage can bring disaster to the opponent team. In this article, I'll show you a Sparky Deck that can help you to push to Legendary arena. One of my friends got this card and he asked me to share this with the whole Clash Royale Community.

Lets take a look at the deck -
best sparky deck
Sparky - Sparky is one of the 5 legendary cards in Clash Royale. It deals heavy splash damage in one shot. But takes 5 seconds to recharge again. In this deck Sparky is generally used as a defensive card which will do the counter push.

Archers - Very versatile card for both offense from the back of a tank and defense too! Archers are good on its 3 elixir cost. It can easily take out the air troops like Balloon, Baby Dragon etc. In this deck, archer plays the same role. It gives deals heavy damage from the back.

Barbarians - One of the most used cards in the game. The 4 Barbarians are the hard counter to any of the ground troops. It can stop any ground push. I this deck Barbarians are used defense and the back to counter attack!

Arrows - The cheapest and best spell card. It is the disaster to the horde troops and it can clear out the goblin push in one shot. In this deck arrow is used in general like it is used in other decks.

Hog Rider - probably the most over powered card in this game. The one Hog rider can take out a tital tower in a single push if there is no defense! Here the Hog Rider is used in Counter push.

Elixir Collector - This is actually a tricky card to force the opponent to start the game. Here the card is used to focus managing much elixir in less time to do a heavy counter push.

Bomb Tower - The tiny bomber at the strong tower is the nightmare to the barbarians or any other strong troops. It is generally used to stop push unless it gets attacked by air attackers. In this deck the Bomb tower is used in the same purpose.

Lightning Spell - Lightning is the disaster to the hutters. In this deck the card is used for clearing the buildings in need.

Deck Strategy
This deck strategy is focused on defense and counter push tactics. There are lots of defensive cards in this deck which makes sure that the opponent cant touch your towers. But once you stop the push, the counter push you'll do will be unstoppable. Yeah the sparky is making the difference from the back. If your opponent starts with any of the ground troops then you have Bomb Tower and barbarians to stop it. If the opponent starts with Air troops then you still have the archers and arrows to deal with. And if the opponent starts with elixir pump then you have that also. So once the opponents starts any push then spawn the defense troops first and place the sparky at the back of your king tower, until it comes around your arena tower it will have the charge, plus you have the defense troops at the front to make sure the opponent troops cant touch your sparky. So you'll easily counter the opponent push no matter what is there because of Sparky's huge splash damage. Now its your turn to turn the tide! After you are done with countering the opponent push, you'll have the barbarians at the font of the sparky in most of the time. Spawn the Hog rider at front and archers at the back and move forward! You'll be able to take that one tower at the first counter push. In some cases you'll be able to do a 3 crown victory on that one counter push. But always keep the arrows ready because of the Minion Horde, thats the only troop can can stop your push easily and if the opponent place bomb tower then dont worry about that, until your Sparky reaches the Bridge, it will have its charge back!

Clash royale sparky deck

Final Verdict, Though the average is 4.6 which is quite high but the deck is totally worth it! If you are lucky enough to get the sparky already, then i'll suggest you to try out this deck. This deck will bring success to you.

Thanks Haseeb for sharing this amazing deck!

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