Push From Arena 1 to 7 with Simple Amazing Deck

Clash Royale deck to reach Royale Arena, Clash Royale deck to reach arena 5
There are many decks out there that will help you to push your trophies but there are only few decks that almost remains the same. This deck I am talking about will remain almost same from the very beginning from Royal arena. For the players who are haven't yet reached Royal Arena, is a dream for them. I know it very well cause before reaching to Royal Arena I struggled for few days and finally this deck helped me to reach.

Push Up to Arena 5

Lets start from the beginning. You only need to change your deck on Arena 5 cause you'll have better options available then.
Clash Royale deck to reach Royale Arena, Clash Royale deck to reach arena 5
With this deck above shown, is very simple and elegant. The cards are all available in training period. Now you may think what if you  dont have any of Prince or witch. Well for them, i'll say, you can replace it with Baby Dragon. Among, Prince, Witch and Baby Dragon, Super Cell provides us any 2 at the start. So this is not really a big deal. But remember, Witch is very important here and Giant is the main Card. This deck is very hard to stop and will smoothly help you to reach to Spell Valley. If you are wondering about the deck strategy, Im writing it down there.

Push up to Arena 7
Clash Royale deck to reach Royale Arena, Clash Royale deck to reach arena 5
You see what are the changes from the first deck? I've just replaced Musketeer with Wizard and our loving Prince with most wanted Hog Rider. The Elixir cost remains the same but now your deck is much better. This is a simple amazing deck that will make you to Royal Arena without much losses. 

Deck Strategy: Now lets talk about this deck strategy. In this deck, the key card is the Giant, which will be your Shield for you high damage troops that will be on the back side. First, Spawn the Giant at thr back of the king tower, until it reaches to the bridge, you will have full elixirs again, now its time to reinforce your shield with high damage troops. You can pick the troops you want. But it is better if you keep either Witch or Wizard and Bomber there. They wont let anyone stop your Giant.
Always get prepared for Barbarian from the opponent cause that is the only troop can counter your Giant so make sure you spawn the wizard at a specific distance that can protect your Giant from the opponent Barbarian. Generally nothing stops this push unless opponent places bomb tower. This is why the Hog Rider is in the deck. So clear out your path and make your enemy destroy to the ground!
Prince would do the same.

Generally this deck works very smooth. The success rate of this deck is fairly well and most importantly, you dont have to change your deck over and over again. Have faith on this deck and make it to the Royal Arena!

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