How to Deal With Lose Streak on Clash Royale and Why This Happens?


Winning and losing are part of the game. You either win or lose. But losing streak comes as  a disaster for the Clash Royale players. One lose streak can make you lose more than 200 trophies in 20 minutes. For the Clash Royale players losing streak is a huge thing to deal with. Losing streak in game can shatter your mood and make you feel angry. Now who knows what you'll do while you are angry! In this article I'll explain how to deal with the losing streak and why this happens.

If you are playing Clash Royale for about 3 or 4 days atleast then I guess you already have experienced what a disaster it is. Here are some tips that can help you to get over it -
  • When you face lose streak just stop playing the game for few hours and it will be fine again.
  • When you face lose streak, do not lose your temper, that might harm you or anyone around you because while we are angry we lose our senses most of the time.
  • Take deep breath and chill! This is just a game, so no need to worry that much. Just come back to the game after few hours and you'll be back in winning run again.
However, if you keep playing in lose streak then there is 99% chance that you'll lose your next game on that time and lose your valuable trophies.

Why Lose streak happens?

It is the matchmaking system of supercell which makes this. After winning a few battles, you will be matched with tougher opponent that you actually deserve. So if you win against him then fine, you'll be matched with the player even tougher than before. There's very little chance of winning. So this is how SuperCell has kept the game mechanics. 

So beware of the Lose streak which can make an end to your trophy pushing as well as put an end to your joyful day!

Do you have your own way to deal with lose streak? feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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