How Clash Royale is Affecting Our Lives?

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Its not very long, Clash Royale has gone global. Like their other superhit game Clash of Clans, this game has also got massive popularity. But there are certain things that are different between the two games. Not only the gameplay, Im talking about the effect that Clash Royale puts on us.

No doubt the game is fun but this game effect our mind heavily specially when we face a losing streak and I think everyone has faced that already. You might me thinking what Im talking about, but after reading this article completely you'll atleast agree with me at some points.

  • Just when you get win streak and feel confident about your skill just then you start getting loss streak. Demoralized!
  • People say you need to stop playing because your anger changes your judgement, but what about getting a loss streak being so calm? demoralized!
  • You are having a nice beautiful day, just when your notification arrives about Crown chest. Now you started pvp and strted getting loss streak. Your beautiful day shattered instantly. Demoralized!
  • You entered top 200 local with full chests. You posted about that on your social profiles, good comments from people made you feel really nice. Now chest slots are free and you have to fight, but u started getting loss streak! you are out of top 200 now. Demoralized!
  • You are dreaming of wonderful things at night. Notification arrives for chest is ready to open. You only need 1 crown to unlock Crown chest but then you are getting loss streak. Now you can not sleep at the middle of the night. Demoralized!
  • You are working at your office and feeling really productive at work. Notification arrives for crown chest. Loss streak started! Now your mood is shattered. Your productivity at work is affected. Demoralized!
The fact is, not every point will happen together but at some point you have already faced any of the mentioned points. Though this is just a game and meant to give us fun but Clash Royale gives us both. Literally, this equals both the happiness and sadness cycle. Don't you think so?
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Credit to Pedro Lee for making this awesome post on Forum.

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