Clash Royale 2v2 Battle Concept Explained: Is It Possible?

Till now I guess you have already heard about the 2v2 Clash Royale Battle concept but this one I'm going to share is totally amazing!  Well I don't know who is the inventor of this concept but this looks cool anyway. Just like including of the Clan wars changed the whole Clash of Clans gaming, this 2v2 live pvp battle can change the gaming style of Clash Royale. This has a great potential and this idea was very much discussed in the Clash Royale reddit forum.

clash royale 2v2 co-op battle

So you can see in the photo that there are 2 King towers and 3 archer towers and a larger space on each side. Total 5 crowns on each side. There are 3 bridges by which troops can enter opponents area.

clash royale co-op battle
You can see your own card and you can also see your team mate's card which will help you to choose you card and you both can make a good combo. The middle bridge is the common place where the middle tower from both sides can shoot.
clash royale co-op battle
In the above photo you can see the ranges of the towers so that your understandings will be clear about this amazing concept.
clash royale co-op battle
The green and orange player can probably use the left side and the middle bridge. The Blue player and the Red player can use the right side and middle bridge. This seems that there will be a great Clash to see if it comes live in some months or years.

This game has a lots of potential in the coming years and Super Cell can make it happen for sure. Like I said before, this 2v2 battle can really change the face of Clash Royale.

Here is a graphical presentation of this concept that you might like to see-
clash royale co-op battle

clash royale co-op battle

clash royale co-op battle
This concept is totally possible and almost complete. I can not see any faults for now but maybe if we look deeper into we can make some improvements. However, lets hope that in the near future we will be seeing something like this. What are your thoughts about it? Do you think this is possible? 

Source : Clash Royale Reddit

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