Better Card Donation System and Double Crown Chest Rewards are Coming with Tournament Features

Donate more cards on Clash Royale

Just yesterday I was talking about the Tournament update and Super Cell again today confirmed that they are really working into something big. Not only the Tournament update they are going to bring huge changes on the Card Donations system.

Probable Changes on Next Update

  • Finally the Tournament system is going to be added with increased cap.
  •  Now you can request 30 common cards or 3 Rare cards at a time which was 10 Common Cards or 1 Rare cards at a time for Royal Arena.
  • Crown Chest rewards will be doubled. More rewards is equal to more fun!
These are the confirmed changes for the next update but still can hope the leak that happened few weeks ago come true to add new troops and gold rewards on each PvP win to Clash Royale. The update will be hitting early next month. The updated Tournament system looks like this -
Clash Royale tournament is coming
This new update is going to change the game for good. The gamers like me are really looking forward to see this update. What about you? Let me know in the comments below!

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