Best 5 Ways to Use and Counter Golem

Best ways to use golem

Golem is one of the most popular epic cards in Clash Royale. The Golem card unlocks at Builders Workshop. Though is it as a higher arena card but still this card is very popular due to its high hitpoints. Golem is of 8 elixir which is pretty high but still this card is used because of its unstoppable capacity. In this article we will talk about the best ways to use and counter Golem. You can know full details of Golem by clicking here

Best 5 Ways to Use Golem
  • The use Golem efficiently, you must have Elixir collector on your deck.
  • Make sure to have a troop at the back of the Golem that can counter Minion horde or Skeleton army. Wizard is the best choice here. It is also good for countering Barbarians and Inferon tower.
  • Dont forget to spawn your Golem at your side where it is safe because Golem takes 3 sec spawning time in which your opponent can damage a lot of Golem's HP
  • It would be more efficient if you spawn your Golem at the back of your king tower so that you can reinforce it till it reaches the bridge.
  • Make sure to have cards that can protect you on the other side. Because sometime when you prepare your golem push, your opponent can use the Elixir Advantage and destroy your other side.

Best 5 Ways to Counter Golem
  • The best possible way to stop Golem is the Inferno Tower, Over the time, the damage increases so it is very good for high hp troops like Golem
  • If you dont have Inferno tower on your deck then Barbarians, Skeleton army are also useful to stop this monster.
  • Keep the Golem distracted with buildings. If it reaches to your tower at being Golem (the second stage is Golemite), then you can get your tower destroyed most probably.
  • Golem is a high elixir troop so if you have some instant hitting troops like Hog Rider, Dark Prince or Prince you can start pushing from other side (only if you have inferno which will make sure this Golem will not reach by your tower if there is no reinforcement at its back)
  • Notice your opponent's moves and look for the Splash damage troops that your opponent has previously used. You can guess that the splash damage troop is going to be at the back of Golem. So reading your opponents move will give you advantage to stop the Golem push.

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