A Deck That Probably Has No Counters

most_effective_deck, Hog_deck

As the days are passing by, more and more players are joining the game which is making the game tougher. For the players who are atleast in Royal Arena, it does not matter much but atleast a little percentage of the new comers are Gemmers. So, to survive and move up on trophies you must have an effective deck which will make sure you do not go down and you can keep up rising.

Now you are wondering what is the deck that I am talking about? Here we go!
most_effective_deck, Hog_deck

According to the deck builder -

I start with the hog, princess, or spear goblins for starter chip damage, and can counter almost any push in the game. This deck works extremely well against pekka, baloon, and golem because of the inferno and all of the small troops that attack air, the princess, fireball, and barbs counter spawner decks well, you can always counter freeze a hog freeze deck, and against xbow and morter, there are a lot of good low elixir troops to damage them along with the fire ball.

The good thing is that, if you have Princess as your then you can easily replace your arrows with princess.

                             The Main strategy
With this deck try to get an advantage early and then hold out for the rest of the battle. With all of the smaller cards in the deck, the goal is to be able to get an early lead, because you can play a lot more troops. If you reach double elixir and you do not have a good amount of damage on the other towers, than you are probably going to tie or lose unless the opponents are doing a similar deck. You need to be able to get enough of an advantage before double elixir so you can focus on defending against major attacks, as a lot of high elixir decks do very well in double elixir.

And here are the special tips from the Deck maker that might help you to understand the deck better and make it more effective -
I know it's hard, but DON'T BE GREEDY, if you waste too much elixir with a hog freeze push, or don't have a plan to defend against there counters, you will lose. With this deck, if you play it right you can get very high in trophies. As a new level 8, I have played level 9's and tens with level 6 epics. DON'T STRESS, and don't rage. This is a game, it's meant to be fun. If your going to get mad because your high in trophies, it might be best to drop down. When I was level 7, I dropped 400 trophies in 30 minutes because I raged, don't be like me. tip Spawner watch out for spawner decks. If you are facing a lot of them and losing, you might want to switch fire for lightning or archers for dragon, but don't worry, they luckily aren't that common.

So, do you have any suggestions or counters for this deck? Lets me know in the comments below!


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