5 Things You Should Keep in Mind While Building a Deck


Deck is the most important part of your trophy pushing. A deck will generally decide how much you can push your trophies. Though you need good cards on your deck and ofcourse high level cards but if your deck is not balanced then you cant win much and will probably lose more battles than you win. So building a good deck is what you need to continue your trophy pushing. In this article, I'll explain few certain basics that you should follow while making a new deck.

  1. First and most important fact is, your deck must have to be a balanced deck with certain amount of Offensive and Defensive cards, so that you can do a push and in the mean time you can stop opponent's push. You can read everything about any cards in our Card Info section
  2. The deck's average elixir should not cross 4.5 otherwise you chances of losing the game is much higher. The decks which has more than 4.5 average elixir are called heavy elixir deck and they generally contains either Golem, Pekka or maybe both. This deck users have to wait for the 2x elixir time to take advantage of their troops but the risk is that if you use this type of deck then most probably you'll get any of your crown towers destroyed before reaching 2x elixir period.
  3. The deck should have enough troops for air attacks. Either you keep Baby dragon, or you can have Minion horde, archers etc. Keep in mind that, Arrows can not kill Baby Dragon or Balloon. So while making your new deck, this is a very important point to consider.
  4. You must have to keep both single damage troop and splash damage troop on your deck to ensure that you do not get pushed with the troops like Barbarians, Horde etc. So splash damage troops is what you need who can hit mlutiple targets at a time.
  5. Your deck should contain a high damage troop which can bring your winning crown. If you follow all the above 4 points but do not keep any high damage troop then you are probably going to lose because you can not even get one crown (I'm not talking about Mortar or Xbow, those are raged troops)
However, always keep on thing in mind that, no single card can ensure your win, Your troops combination is the most important factor. To know about battle tips, you can check here

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