Win Rewards are Coming With New Troops on Clash Royale

Clash_Royale_New_Troops, Lava_hound, Lava_Pup
It has been only 2 weeks Clash Royale has gone global. The game is pretty much interesting and there are already good number of troops for now. But rumors saying that an update is on the way with brand new cards and our most wanted PvP battle win rewards. Though i can not say if this is 100% true or not but this is probably going to happen. Now you are wondering, what are the troops and what are the rewards? Here we go!

This update looks interesting as of now and this will probably be a sneak peek for Clash Royale, the second big update after global launch. From the list, the Lava Hound looks nice but 8 elixirs is a pretty high amount though it has 3000 hitpoints.

But the best part of this update will probably be the addition of the win rewards. It is the most wanted thing for the gamers who spend a lot of time for trophy hunting. This gold reward will encourage them more!

Hopefully the update will arrive during the mid or last week of April, but still we can't say anything for now cause there is no official statement from Super Cell.

What do you think? Are the troops good enough for you? Let me know in the comments below!

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