Push to Arena 4: Deck to reach Pekka's Playhouse


Few days ago I wrote about Beginners Guide. Now if you are more than a casual player then it should not take long time to reach Arena 4. you will be able to reach pekka's playhouse in a week probably. At the start of the game players generally mess up their decks or end up with using all the golds on other cards if they lose a battle and this is a true story. So that is not the way, you have to keep faith on your own deck. But ofcourse the deck should be balanced enough to make sure you have a chance to win, unless you get matched with a very tough opponent.

In this article, I'm going to write about the probable good decks to reach to Arena 4, which is named as Pekka's Playhouse. Here is a good one, take a look -
This deck above is very well balanced and probably one of the best decks you can have to reach to Arena 4. The average elixir cost is also not very high to manage. You can see 3 epic cards which you may not have, so if that is the case then you can do some experiments but make sure you do not change Giant, Witch, Musketeer because this 3 are the main cards in here. What you have to do is, spawn your giant and give it protection from the back. For this you can use Witch, archers, musketeer, baby dragon etc. Make sure you use a splash damage troop at the back of Giant. Hopefully if your Giant is atleast level 3 then you will be able to destroy one enemy tower on your first run. One thing is important here, you should spawn the giant from the back of your towers, so that your elixirs will be filled til your giant reaches the bridge and you can give protection from the back.

If you are not having the cards that are shown in this deck, then you can also try out this deck.
This deck will also be very useful with the bomber from the back of the giants and the Goblin barrel which can be played as a tricky card here. Actually, the Goblin barrel is very useful if you use it in a perfect time or in the time of having elixir advantage. The tiny little goblins can eat up half of the tower health in few secs.

Well, these 2 are mainly based on Giant and price combo. Here the last one is something different you can have, the Balloon Deck.
Clash_Roayle_Best_Deck_to_Reach_Arena_4, The_Balloon_Deck
The balloon attack is always nice to see if it gets success. This deck I'm showing is quite powerful and hard to stop if you are targeting to reach Pekka's Playhouse. With a pretty good average elixir cost this deck comes with Balloon with Minions and archers, musketeer, in the ground to protect your main card. Once the balloon reach  the enemy tower with a ground troop then it will generally destroy the enemy tower easily. Use the arrows to easy kill the opponent goblins and minions. However, you can replace the Goblin Barrel with Barbarians which is generally a tough melee fighter and can stop and ground push easily.

Do you have a better deck to share? Let me know in the comments below!

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