iClash Royale Tournament #1 : India's first ever clash royale tournament

iClashRoyale is hosting the first ever clash royale tournament for ios users in india. All 32 clashers will meet in a new clan (IN) Tournament -#2GRUJ02. Reward will be given in gems to the winner. To play the tournament we have decided some rules that need to be followed by players are as follows"
  • It will be a single elimination tournament at first played within 32 players
  • The first and second round will be the knouckout round.
  • The quaterfinal, semifinal will be of 3 where as the final will be of 5 battles.
  • Only 3 defence building are allowed including elixer pump.
  • Cheating will result in disqualification and no rematch if connection fails.
  • No speaking in the clan untill and unless the staffs ask you to speak.
  • No arguement with the staffs and will result into straight disqualification.

Prize: Winner gets ios gift cards.
Venue and time: The tournament will be conducted today at 11.00 am and the clan tag is #2GRUJ02.

The list of participants are as follows:
  1. Dk rocks
  2. Chief saumya
  3. L.drago
  4. Nobody
  5. Swayam
  6. Manveer
  7. Nachii
  8. Adarsh
  9. Aman
  10. Ram
  11. Aamir
  12. Summoner5
  13. The gamer
  14. Nipunn
  15. Shravansaber
  16. Emperor46
  17. Slim shady
  18. Spidey
  19. Jimit
  20. Naman
  21. Ronak
  22. Demon
  23. Gaurav
  24. Pankaj
  25. Anonymous hacker
  26. Siddharth
  27. Tejas
  28. Shivank
  29. Prasang
  30. Chetan
  31. Snicker
  32. kanu
All participants are requested to see the roster here . Good luck to all the participants and may the best will win and be crowned!.

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