How the New Balance Changes Will Affect the Game?


SuperCell is bringing their first round of balance changes after the global release. It is about 2 weeks that the game has gone global and it this short period of time the game has got massive popularity. Now what we can expect from Super Cell that they will work on this game to make it even better. Now see they are on the right track.

The most important change in the upcoming update is the Xbow nerf . Xbow is hated my many players cause using the defensive deck with xbox needs no skills actually. Just defense with tesla and bomb tower covering the xbox and it can destroy the opponent tower easily. Now the new update will decrease the range of xbow which will probably decrease the xbow use among the players, unless you use xbow only for your own defense.

Another important change is the decreasing of the charge speed of Prince. Prince is one is the most used troop in the Clash Royale history. Now Super Cell is doing a good work on it. After the update Prince will take more time to charge up which is a good news indeed. Now the Prince users have to make his prince run a long way to have the 2x damage. Same nerfing for Dark Prince. Both uses same breed od hoses, so it sounds interesting anyway!

The very popular Tesla is also getting nerf, Those who do not use tesla, know it well that it is very irritating for them. Their troops get distracted easily for the tesla. Now the nerf of tesla will bring some interesting battles. Poison spell is getting more damage so we may see more use of it next.

Witch and Giant damage increase is a very good news too. The offense over defense will now work nice. The Valkariya is getting pumped with increased hitpoints and damage. The rage spell is being more balanced now with more rage and time decrease.

The slow Royal Giant is getting more damage now which may make us see more use of this card in the game. Another great change is the Balloon pwer increase and the archer's quick attack.

Read the full update changelog by clicking here

Well the changes are perfect for now and this will make some interesting changes in the decks of many players. The defensive Xbow players will come out of their shell. Super cells offense over defense will work better and I'm eagerly waiting to see the interesting battles after the changes. What about you? Let me know in the comments below!

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