Gold Digger: The Best Way to Use Money or Gems in Clash Royale

Many people get confused with the Money spending system on this game. However, Supercell has their own way to deal with things and to make money from their awesome games. At the beginning of this game, most of the players don't really know how to use their existing gems of how they can use their money on a proper way if they are thinking of spending money on this game. In this article I am going to write about the most efficient way of using money or gems in Clash Royale.

If you are thinking to spend less than 50$
The best way for the players who are thinking to spend less than 50$ are to buy Golds with that small amount of money (well, this money is not little but yeah it is nothing for the big fatty gold diggers). If you buy the golds then you'll probably take the best decision for the long run, rather than buying Magical or Super Magical chests from the shop. If you have the golds then you can buy the cards you need or you can save the golds for the upgrades of the card. But buying chests may not satisfy you, because you never know which cards you will get from the chest you are buying.

If you are thinking to spend more than 50$ - If you fall into this category that means you are very rich and going to max out everything with your fat amount of cash. The amount of this type of players are low but yes, there are players like this who uses a huge amount of money to max out everything overnight. So, if you are thinking to spend this much amount then you should go for buying the Super Magical chest again and again and also the best gold package for future use. This way probably you will max out everything very easily and this will help you to get into the Legendary Arena without having much defeats.

If you are thinking to spend nothing - well you fall into the most common category who are casual gamers. You have to spend your gems and golds very carefully. save up your gems to grab the card from the shop(if you do not have enough gold that moment) that you need. You can also pile up your gems for making the 10,000 gold purchase which comes for 500 gems. Pretty good deal indeed.

So readers, what are your opinions? Let me know in the comments below!

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