Giant vs Giant Skeleton: Merits and Demerits

Giant_vs_Giant_Skeleton, Clash_Royale

Its almost a month, Clash Royale is available globally. The gamers are offered with a good amount of cards to choose from. Among them the Giant and the Giant Skeleton are the two cards at the starting which can really change the wave of the game.

Now lets talk about how they can change the wave of the game?

Giant_vs_Giant_Skeleton, Clash_Royale, Giant
The giant card is one of the most used cards at the beginning. If Giant is used with protection from the back then the push is hard to stop and it will probably bring you one crown for sure. Now lets discuss the merits and demerits of our favorite giant.

Merits : Giant is generally used as a tank to soak up all the incoming damages. It can help you to push the opponent from your side to their side till the giant is live. The durable giant is also a good hitter only if has protection.

Demerits : While the giant can do heavy damages, but you must protect it with any of your troops. The giant is comparatively slow than the other troops witch will let your opponent to get prepared for your upcoming push. Giant can also be easily distracted with other defense buildings like canon, Bomb tower. 

Giant Skeleton
In the other hand Giant Skeleton goes with a different attribute. The Giant Skeleton generally used for stopping a push on your side. Its one of the best defensive troop you can have. Though it is a good defensive troop, you can also use it for taking out your enemy tower sometimes. Whenever you'll spawn it on the bridge, the opponent will surely feel how to distract this huge Skeleton. The danger after death is much more than while it is live.

Merits : The best use of it is to stop a push. Whenever enemy is getting to ur side with heavy amount of troops, just spawn it and it will be all clear! Pretty much interesting, isn't it? I guess so.

Demerits : On the bad side, we can say that, the elixir coast is not so good. 6 elixirs mean a lot in this game. Another bad side of Giant Skeleton is that, it get distracted easily. So your opponent can easily move it to another direction which will be total loss of your 6 elixirs.

Final Verdict : Well, its hard to choose between this 2 types of giants. But mainly depends on your troop combination. Keep one thin on your mind that, If you are going to keep Giant skeleton on your deck then you have to keep some high damage point troops like Prince or Hog. But with Giant on your deck, it is not that much necessary as with the other deck. You can rely on protecting your giants and he will do the rest!

So, what are your opinions about this 2? Sound off in the comments below!

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