Beginners Guide to Clash Royale

It is almost 2 week since Clash Royale launched globally. This game is already massively popular among all the ages of people. SuperCell did a great job in bringing another hit game into the store.

Clash Royale is a real-time multiplayer game with our favorite Clash of Clans characters. Now lets talk about the beginners guide for the game.

All the beginners generally think from where to start? How to manage a good deck? or, Which troops I should use for better wins? Well, here I'm going to write about all these things clearly in this post.

First of all, to do a good start, you need to choose your cards carefully. If you are not a money spender then you should be careful at using your golds too specially at the start. Because this will help you to reach level 3 faster and let you join a clan, which will ultimately help you to become stronger. So if you are playing for the first time, make sure you choose correct cards. Now the question comes, How will you know which are good cards for you? Here you need my guide and also you have to use your brain a little.

In your deck, you must have a balance of offensive and defensive troops with a cheap average elixir cost(it should not cross more than 4.3 elixirs). Though at the beginning of the game Offensive or Defensive decks doesn't matter much cause generally the troops that get unlocked in the training period have a good combination no matter which troops you'll unlock by luck. If you have got giant card already then you should use this card carefully because a Giant can be used as a game changer. This type of troops are called tanks which will soak all the incoming damages. Now make sure you give your tank protection from back. In this case, having a troop with Splash damage is better. Baby Dragon is one of the best splash damage troop. Witch is also very versatile in giving protection from the back as it has the ability to attack o both ground and air troops. With the Splash damage doing troops, make sure to keep a high damage doing troop cause the splash damage doing troops have low DPS. So sometimes you may face problem to reach to the opponents king tower. Musketeer is a very useful troop for this. Or, you can have mini pekka too.

So the basic fact is, you have to keep a tank which will soak the damage, with it  a splash damage doing troop and a high DPS troop to make your win. Here is a sample deck which is very useful -

Now if you dont have the cards that are shown in this pic, you may make some changes. For example, You can change Mini pekka with Prince if u have. If u don't have Baby dragon then u can also switch that with Knight or Fireball or Arrows. However, if u do some changes with holding the base of this deck, 3 crown win is assured in most of the battles until Arena 2.

Hopefully this deck will help you to gain trophies faster till you reach Arena 3.  This deck may not match your deck, so do you have any suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!

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