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Clash of Clans Clan games: All you need to know!

clash of clans clan games

The December 2017 update is going to going to make the rebirth of Clash of Clans. After the clan wars update, this update is probably the biggest update in the history. Finally a long waited update wholly based on Clan has arrived with lots of new features and future prospects! Today in this article we are going to talk about clan games and its features and what more you can expect from it.

So what are clan games?
coc clan games

In a nutshell, these clan games in Clash of clans are sort of quest that needs the involvement of the clan members to receive the bigger amount of rewards. Now let's see what supercell has said about clan games -
The Clan Games are a new type of event you and your Clan can participate in. When you see the Strongman’s Caravan set up in your village, you’ll know the Clan Games have begun. When you click on the Caravan, you’ll be introduced to a bevy of Clan quests (yes, that’s the “Q” word), or as we’re calling them, “Challenges”.
Now, what are these challenges?
clash of clans clan games

Supercell explained this nicely as well -
These Challenges will range from using certain troops to destroying buildings to accomplishing specific goals. Some of the Challenges will be Builder Base-specific and some will be Main Village ones. But you will have the ability to pick and choose which Challenges you want to tackle. Therefore, if you have someone in your Clan who specializes in Builder Base attacks, then perhaps that Clanmate might be better suited for picking that Challenge. If there is a Challenge that requires you to destroy a number of Eagle Artillery, then allowing a Town Hall 7 player to pick that Challenge might not be the most effective choice. Everyone in your Clan sees the same list of Challenges you see, so it will require coordination with your Clan to maximize the amount of points you can win. All of the Challenges have an accompanying point value when they’re accomplished and need to be completed within a certain prescribed amount of time that will be listed on the Challenge. Completed Challenges contribute to a pool of points earned by everyone in your Clan. Therefore, the more Challenges you and your Clan mates complete, the larger the pool of total points earned. Earning more points will unlock higher tiers of rewards, including, as you may have guessed: Magic Items. Other rewards include resources and Gems.
What are these magic items in Clash of Clans?
magic items, clash of clans

Magic items are the latest additions to the game. These are some sort of boosts which will help you to train and build faster. Lets see what Supercell has said about it -
Magic Items are a brand new type of single-use item that provides massive bonuses to your village. While the Magic Items system will grow as we introduce more of them with greater functionality, the initial range of Magic Items will be already incredibly beneficial to players.
Magic Items provide benefits to your buildings, your troops, your heroes, spells, and anything else in-game. The functionality of a specific Magic Item entirely depends on the kind of Magic Item earned. There are Magic Items for every unit in-game. Some Magic Items will provide boosts to production, some provide boosts to resource collectors, and some will instantly complete an upgrade in progress

On the developer talks, Supercell has mentioned that this is just the beginning and lot more contents are on its way! This is just the building block. 

Final Verdict

Well, this was a much-needed update. The game was lacking clan exclusive features and finally, supercell has realized it. Only the clan wars were not enough to keep the game ongoing. With this clan games, people will be work towards the same goal which will help the clan to build a better relationship with them. Even though we are yet to see gameplay of the update but still we can hope that this clan games update can bring many players back to the game. Fingers crossed!

What do you think about the clan games? Let us know in the comments below! 

How to build an unstoppable deck in Clash Royale: 5 Tips that you should definitely check out!


cr decks, how to build a deck, how to build best deck

Clash Royale is a free to play strategy game developed and published by Supercell.  The game combines the elements of collectable card games, tower defence and online multiplayer battles.

Upon downloading and playing the game for the first time you will be provided with a basic starter deck. As you win matches and progress to higher arenas you will unlock new cards. Now cards are of 3 different types: 

  • Troop
  • Structure
  • Spell

This guide will help you design a balanced deck for arenas 1, 2 and 3 or higher

1.Keep a structure in your deck


Structures are really good at distracting enemy troops, they can distract them long enough for your princess towers to finish them off.

Cannon: The Cannon is a cheap, high damage card. With a range of 5.5 tiles it can distract and take out a lone Giant with ease. This card can be used to take out other tanks and mini-tanks like Giant Skeleton, Knight, Valkyrie, etc. The only drawbacks of this card is that it can't deal with swarms and it doesn't target air.

Bomb Tower:  The Bomb Tower has a slightly larger range than the cannon and does splash damage. This makes the card ideal for taking out large swarms of troops. But, like the cannon, it cannot target air troops.

X-Bow: The X-Bow is an epic card which has the largest attack radius than any other card in the game. This structure can be used for both attack and defense. It does a lot of damage and has a high rate of fire. This card can be used to snipe your opponents' tower from your side of the arena. It doesn't target air though.

Mortar: The mortar has a wide attack radius like the X-Bow card. It has a slow rate of fire and does splash damage. It can be used to snipe your opponents' tower if placed close to the river. However, the mortar does have a dead zone where it cannot target troops and is also vulnerable to flying troops.

Tesla: This structure zaps ground and air troops alike. It has the same as a cannon and when it's inactive is hidden underground. While underground the Tesla cannot be damaged.

Inferno Tower: The Inferno tower roasts targets for damage that increases over time. When facing tanks like Golem, Giant or Lavahound the inferno tower is the best defensive structure to go with. But, be wary of zap or electro-wizard as they can reset the tower's damage.

Tombstone: The Tombstone is another cheap structure, costing same as the cannon. It's spawned skeletons can help distract troops like Prince, Mini P.E.K.K.A and Knight. The skeletons can also provide support during an attack.

Goblin Hut: This structure spawns spear goblins that can help deal with air troops from a distance. It can help deal with troops such as Balloon and Baby Dragon. The Spear Goblins can also chip away at your opponents' tower if left unchecked.

Furnace: The furnace spawns 2 fire spirits every 10 seconds. These little can do damage similar to that of a mini fireball. If left unchecked the fire spirits can slowly chip away a tower. The fire spirits can be used as support for large pushes.

Barbarian Hut: The Barbarian Hut spawns 2 Barbarians every few seconds. The barbarians can take out tanks and any ground support units behind them. Compared to other structures it's cost is relatively higher. The barbarians also can be used for support and counter-pushing.

2.Have a damaging spell ready just in case

Spells can have a significant effect on the outcome of a battle. Unlike troops or structures, they can be used anywhere in the arena. Spells can be used either to take out large swarms of troops or damage enemy structures. When using spells on your opponents' side the most effective method is to damage what you are targeting while chipping his/her tower. 
Arrows can help clear low HP troops, whereas Fireball can damage troops or structures within it's radius. Rocket and Lightning are high damage spells and need to be used strategically as using these spells can leave you open to counter attacks.
Zap is a cheap and a very versatile card. It can be used to get rid of the skeleton army and spear goblins. It can reset the inferno tower, sparky and the inferno dragon. It's 0.5 second stun effect can allow your troops to get an extra shot in. All in all a very useful card.
Finally, poison, it's like a slow fireball but with a larger radius, it can be used to deal with swarm cards like minion horde, barbarians, skeleton army,etc. It can be a reliable card when going up against spawn decks.
Normally a deck should have one spell card but carrying two spells is always better. 

3.Use tanks to push

Tanks are cards that are used to soak up damage. They are slow and have a lot of HP. Tanks are usually never alone and are supported by ranged units. 

Giant: The cheapest out of all the tanks this troop can soak up a decent amount of damage and can do a lot of damage to your tower if left unchecked.

P.E.K.K.A: Another deadly tank, it's swings can do massive damage to a tower. It can one-shot any low HP troop with ease so making it difficult to counter. Unfortunately, in-spite it's destructive nature the P.E.K.K.A is easily distracted.

Giant Skeleton: This troop doesn't a lot of damage itself , it's the bomb which the skeleton drops after it dies that does damage. It can also be used as a sacrificial card to take out a large group of troops. But, like the P.E.K.K.A it gets easily distracted.

Golem:   The golem probably has the highest HP in the game. It's very slow and does damage upon death and then splits into 2 golemites. It is also risky to play this card as it leaves you starved for elixir.

Lavahound: It is a bit similar to the golem card. But unlike the Golem it isn't that easily distracted. The hound itself doesn't do that much damage, but when it dies it spawns lava pups. If supported by a mini-tank the pups can easily destroy a tower.

4.Don't want to use structures? Use swarm or high damage cards instead

If you don't like using structures in your deck then swarm can help you out. High damage cards like Mini-P.E.K.K.A, Knight, Musketeer, Mega Minion or Valkyrie also can help. But while using swarm cards be careful of splash troops as they can damage your troops. So if a tank is supported by a splash troop it's best you eliminate the support unit first before surrounding the tank or you can allow the support unit to lock onto your tower and then surround it with your troops.
Goblin gang, guards, minion horde and skeleton army are weak to arrows, whereas fireball or poison damages barbarians leaving them only with a sliver of health. In this case, it's advisable to switch the placement of your cards when duelling.

5.Ranged units can help support your tanks

A tank should never be sent in alone. Alone a tank can be easily distracted or surrounded. This is where a support unit comes in handy. It's even better if you use a ranged unit for support as they can help out your tank from a distance. Whether your tank is distracted by a structure or surrounded support troops can always help them out. Now your support troops can either be of two types:

  • Single-Target: Troops that can only do point damage. Although these troops can't help with swarms they can do a lot of damage to the enemy tower or to a structure if they manage to lock on.  Archers, Musketeer, Spear goblins are some very useful single target units.   
  • Splash: Splash units are very helpful in clearing out swarms. Troops like Executioner, Wizard, Witch or Bomber can deal swarms of troops that otherwise harm your tank.
But remember even with the help of ranged units, spells do come in handy.

Do you have some more tips to share? Feel free to comment below to share with the community! 😊

Top 3 Balloon decks in Clash Royale to destroy your opponent quickly!

lava loon deck, giant loon deck

Few hours ago Supercell has started Balloon challenge in Clash Royale. For the pro Clash Royale players it will be easy like always, but for the average gamers, this might be a good challenge. The problem will arise if you are an average clasher and are not familiar with balloon decks. So, in this article I'll talk about 3 incredible balloon decks which can give you easy victory in the limited time balloon challenge.

1. Lava loon Night witch deck

lava deck, loon deck, lava night witch deck in clash royale

This Lava hound - Balloon - Night witch deck is super powered. If you are little bit familier with the Lava hound and Night witch then playing this deck should be a piece of cake for you. This deck is also a very good counter against the regualr decks that you'll face in the challenges.

How to play this deck?

Lava Hound + Night Witch + Mega Minion: your first target will be to create a pressure upon the oponent by starting with Lava and Night witch and Mega minion at the back. Or you can also take baby dragon at the back of lava depending on your card rotation in your deck. The night witch will help a lot in countering the opponent ground troops who will be hitting your lava hound.

Lightning: The lightning is generally used for killing Inferno towers. But if your opponent is weird then maybe you can also face 3 musketeer or Sparky at the final moment. In this case lightning will help you. You can also face other buildings like Furnace and Goblin hut. 

Baby Dragon: The baby dragon at the back helps a lot in doing a massive splash damage generally taking out Goblin gang, Minion horde which you'll face a lot especially in this balloon challenge. 

Clone Spell: Playing of clone spell is the tricky part. Wait for your troops to reach to opponent tower and play this card and boom! see the magic! If you get the chance the play the clone spell on loon then taking down the tower will take secs!

Balloon: Playing loon in this deck is not very easy as lava hound will take 7 elixirs and playing loon will not allow you to take any suppoer troops. So better wait for the double elixir time and then you can use the original lava - loon push with the rest of the cards on your deck.

Arrows: You already know when and how to play the arrows! 😉

Deck Synergy & final verdict
lavaloon, lava deck, lava clone spell deck, lava mega minion
Deck synergy is pretty well for this deck. Your main cards can make a good combo with each other to deal a good damage to the opponent tower. With this deck getting the 6 win will not be very tough for you. However if you want to play this deck for normal ladder then you might face problems against some Royal Giant or Golem decks. But in this limited time Balloon event, it will be very easy fro you to complete the event.

2. Lava loon Electro Wiz Lumberjack deck

lava executioner, lava loon tornedo, lava minion deck
Here is another decent Lava Hound Balloon deck for the Clash Royale balloon challenge. If you are familiar with playing Lava hound then, like the previous deck, it will be very easy for you to understand the deck mechanics.

How to play this deck

Lava Hound + support: If you have the lava hound at the start of the game then start with lava hound. Depending on the card rotations you can play executioner/electro wizard or even balloon. But I'll not recommend playing balloon at the first tow minutes of the game as this will not give you the chance to take anymore support troops.

Electro Wizard and Executioner: Both of these cards are mainly used as support troops in this deck. While the Electro wizard works great to deal with opponent inferno tower, the executioner easily clears out the spam troops like minion horde or even skeleton army if you face them in the battle. 

Minion Horde: The minion horde is used mainly in the defensive purpose but it also supports the lava hound very well incase the opponent doesnt have cards like arrows, executioner or tornedo.

Lumberjack: Lumberjack makes a good pair with the loon because of the rage it leaves after dying. In this deck lumberjack is used for defensive purpose as well as in offensive purpose. The rage works really well with the other troops to destroy opponent towers quickly.

Balloon: Use the balloon only if you have elixir advantage during the first two minutes of the game. Otherwise wait for the double elixir period to make the lava loon combo.

Tornedo: Tornedo is mainly used with the executioner. However, tornedo can also save you many times from tower loss by moving the direction of the opponent troops.

Arrows: Arrows are used for taking our opponent minion horde and ground spam troops if you face during the game.

Deck synergy and final verdict
clash royale deck combo,
Card combos in this deck are pretty good. You have many choice to make the card pair and make the push or defend. If you can play this well, then it will be very easy for you to get the 6 win the limited time balloon event. This deck is event good for ladder push too. If you're looking for a lava hound deck for the ladder then feel free to give this deck a try.

3. Giant Balloon deck

giant loon deck in clash royale, giant ballon deck
Giant balloon deck is very much popular from the beginning of the game. But with the introduction of too many cards, Giant balloon decks are not regular in the ladder. However, in challenges some people still uses this combo. Though the Giant balloon combo has lots of variations, this one I'm going to share is a decent one to give you a 6 win in the challenge.

How to play this deck

Giant + Balloon: Giant balloon is the main push for you. This is your actual win condition. If you can make your combo survive then the opponent tower will be down in few seconds.

Archers: Archers are mainly used at the back of giants as a support troop but they are very useful in defense too. The tiny archers has good dps to kill any low to medium hitpoint troops before they can touch your tower. So archers are very much versatile and can be used anywhere you want!

Bomber: Bomber is a high splash damage dealing troop. This is a glass canon and can deal heavy damage if it is at the back of giant and when giant is taking all the damages.

Ice spirit: The tiny 1 elixir ice spirit is very handy to support your Giant Balloon push. This can also also in defending when necessary.

Arrows: Arrows are used for taking out spam troops like minion horde. goblin gang or skeleton army. It can also be useful in doing the last few damages to the opponent tower.

Inferno tower: As you all know, the inferno tower is used for a total defensive purpose. It will be very hard for opponents to touch your tower if you have placed inferno tower and have another support troop.

Knight: Knight is like the castle guard even though we dont have any castles in this game. With high hitpoints, knight has the ability to stop most of the high damage troops. Knight can also be useful with the giant.

Deck synergy & final verdict
clash royale deck, deck synergy
As you can see, the cards make a very good combo with each other so it will be pretty easy for you to build a push or defend anytime. If you can play proper cards in time then winning will be very easy. As the average cost is only 3.5 so you can have the Giant loon cycle back to back which will prove to be a headache for the opponent.

Additional tip - While playing the Lava loon decks, make sure your support troops stays at the behind of the lava hound so that they can deal massive damage to the opponent troops or buildings. for using lightning, be patient with using it. Because one wrong move can make you lose your one arena tower.

photo credits -

How to rebuild your old Clan in Clash of Clans: 8 quick tips

Build back clash of clans clan

It was never been easy to build a successful clan in Clash of Clans. From the beginning of clan system, forming a successful clan took some real hard work and dedication. Even if you build a clan, but maintaining it is as important as building it properly. Now, if you're rebuilding a clan which was once a great clan, then it will also need some hard work. In this article, I'll discuss some quick tips that can help you to build back your old clan and make it run smoothly.

clash of clans having fun, giants

  1. Set up the mentality first: When you decide to build back your old clan, the first thing you need to do is to set up your mentality. This is not going to be easy, you need to put some real efforts to build back your old Clash of Clans clan.
  2. Start with another guy or two: Once you're into rebuilding finally, try to have one or two helpers with you. If they are your real life friends then it will be best, so that there will not be any trust issue. This is mainly needed for keeping the chat alive and donations flow. Having one or two more guys will not make you feel bored too.
  3. Make the clan chat active: One important thing is to have the clan chat active. This is as important as recruitment. Clash of Clans is a social game after all. People want to talk, so if the clan is like a graveyard then people will not stay in the most of the cases. So, don't hesitate to start one awesome conversation with your current clanmates.

  4. Recruit, recruit and recruit: You should recruit always until you reach 50/50. I know recruiting is never been easy, but you shouldn't stop. Keep recruiting people and fill in the clan. But make sure to recruit only those people who meet your requirements. Set up suitable requirements for your clan once your clan is coming back to shape.
  5. Keep the donations flow: Having proper donations is very important. People will leave if you can't provide people with quick donations. None wants to wait for hours waiting for donations. So having few people with you at the start will help you on this for sure.
  6. Focus on building a good war log: Warlog is the best way to attract decent players. If your clan has a good war log then it will be much easier for you to bring players from global or forum. But if your clan is having a bad war log then chances are people will leave. So, your focus should also be on building a green war log.
  7. Pick proper players in war: So if you want to build a decent war log then you should be very careful about picking right players for your war. Make sure to evaluate people before you add them into your war. I'll be writing a detailed guide on how you can make a green war log.
  8. Make real bonds: Making bonds is very important for a long run. If you fail to make bonds with your people then clan will not survive long. If you successfully make real bonds then you won't have to worry about people leaving clan. They will be a permanent member of the clan.
coc wizard making fun, coc clan building

I hope these tips will help you! Do you have anything on your mind? Feel free to comment below!

Clash Royale India community event: 2nd 2v2 draft challenge tournament

clash royale draft challenge, cr tournaments, cr tourneys

Clash Royale India, a popular Facebook group is organising their 3rd tournament. Previously Clash royale India community and has collaborated together to host a massive 10,000 Gem tournament. Unlike that massive tournament, this tournament is different and based on 2v2 competition which is an immensly popular feature of Clash royale. 3 days back they hosted one tournament on the same pattern which was quite successful and due to the requests the group is hosting another Clash Royale tournament. The details of the tournament are given below:

Tournament details and rules: 

  • The tournament will be a knockout tournament based on 2v2 draft battle.
  • The tournament will start from 10 pm (IST), Sunday (July 9, 2017) and likely to run for 2 hours maximum. So this will be a lot of fun for sure!
  • participants need to fill out the form to register for the tournament. 
  • Everyone must get a partner for their 2v2 team. Without a partner, the registration form will be rejected. Fancy team names are appreciated.
  • On the tournament roster, your team names will stand for you. So you're requested to pick a good team name for you and your partner.
  • Only one from each team needs to fill out the form. No need of double application from both of the participants.
  • All the tournament details will be posted on Clash Royale India Facebook group and this article will be updated timely. So you can check this articles regularly for more info.
  •  you can sign up for the tournament by clicking here. Once you fill up the form, don't forget to comment on this post "registered"

Here are some photos of the recent tournament that Clash Royale India Facebook group hosted. It feels amazing to have 10+ spectators in a single match! and it is even better when you see confetti are coming every second 😍
live spectators in clash royale, cr tourneys

Tournament team selection process

Entries with incomplete info will be rejected straight. Last tournament participants who followed everything properly will be given the first choice in the team selection. 

In-depth tournament structure and details

Depending on the number of participants the knockout tournament fixtures be fixed. Basically, all the rounds will be 1 game knockout tournament until semi-finals. Then it will be best of 3. The tournament clan will open from 7 pm. The clan will be closed at 9 pm, then the final fixtures will be available. During this 2 hours who can't reach the mentioned tournament clan will be considered as out! Getting into the tournament clan during this time is important because in the last tournament we saw some teams didn't show up on time. 


At this moment we can only offer honour and fun as rewards. We can't offer any type of monetary rewards for now. But who needs monetary rewards when you can enjoy

Selected teams and fixtures

We have received huge number of responses, among them many are rejected because of incomplete info and same guy are pairing up with different guy. Due to the limited slots, we can offer 24 teams at the first place. The rest of the teams will be in sub. But if youre in sub, dont lose hope, i'll call your team if any of the first 24 teams fail to appear in time.

Here is the list for the first 24 selected teams. (12 pair of teams)
1. 1 Indian 1 English man (lj smith + leslie)
vs Beast Mode (Beast + Rajat)

2. Tag Team (Abhi + google)
vs KingSlayerUnited ( Evil tanmoy + tombstone)

3. Mumbai Warriors 1 (Inkheart + akash)
vs Team Vinians (Aladin + Bhola)

4. C-Bros (Zahham+ Zain the devil)
vs Dark Lord (Satyam+Sagar 2)

5. Ami KKR (KKR + Akash)
vs Losers (Daddy + Messi)

6. Ultimate Defenders (Temod + Temod_Youtube)
vs Freakish Monk (Vicious gamer + Dragon Rider izz)

7. Brothers (Munna + esad)
vs Nightmares (Sandy + Shadow)

8. Mumbai Warriors 2 ( Aditya + SCAR)
vs Team Royales ( John Medly + Godfather)

9. SIlent Yash (Chief yash + silent boy)
vs DSK (dk + SK)

10. Ball Busters ( sahin + Subrata)
vs Team Splash ( Rolston suvo + Shahzaib)

11. Pro Kings (King Pawan + MonmoyKohli)
vs Team rising Unicorns ( King Ayush + Micky Jain)

12. Get Wrecked (Swagger + Shivang)
vs Hammer Baaj (MacHammer + Braveheart)

The substitute teams are the following -
1. Mighty Studs ( Taher + Wizard)
2. Super Heroes ( JackieChan_yt + Agraj)
3. Dembani (Deepak + Mohit)
4. Doombringers ( FiredemonUtbe + DannySaxxo)
5. Hell Razors (Babu + DeViLiZzHere)
6. Rangers (Harish Reddy+Goutham)
7. The Daciots ( F0rest k + Death Hawk)

P.S. - Due to two "Mumbai Warriors" Ive to make Mumbai warriors 1 and Mumbai warriors 2. So please be careful on your team.
First 12 pair teams can get into the tournament clan - CR India Events.

Beginners guide to Builders base: 5 important tips

builders village, builders base tips

A month ago Supercell released their biggest update of Clash of Clans. Since the launch of Clan wars, Supercell has not released any big update like this, But they claim that this is the biggest update of the game. Even though half of the clashers did not like this but some do! Now, the Builders Village is a part of the game and we have to build it along with our main game. In this article, I'm going to share the beginners guide on how you can progress smoothly on Builders Base.

Organising the base and building up economy

Once you unlock the builders village, your first target should be to join the two piece of existing walls to cover the side of a canon. This will not only make it look good but also help you to get your first 3 wins very easily. After your build, the resource buildings, make sure to spawn the defenses and the extra piece of walls. So what you need to do is, cover one of your defense buildings with 4 pieces of walls. At Builders Village 2 there arent much things you can do but the main game starts from Builders village 3. But you need to make sure you make the gold mine, elixir collectors upgraded and the storage as well.

Importance of star lLaboratory

Star Lab may sound familiar to many of the Clashers. Haha yeah! I'm talking about the Star labs from Flash (CW TV series). Anyway, same like the main base, the lab is as important as building defenses. Once you get the lab, your first priority should be upgrading Barbarians and Archers according to your need. level 4 Barbs and archers are very useful at the early stage, they wreck the bases very easily.

Proper trophy range

Trophy range is an important thing in this part of the Clash of Clans as this Builders Village introduces us to a different type of trophy system. The total loot system is built on the trophy, so players might be confused about their trophy range. Some may think that being at lower range might help them but it is not in Builders village. Higher the trophy, better the loot! which implies faster progress as loots are limited. Those little more loots will make big difference in the long run, so always try to be high.

Concept of loot system

Supercell introduced us to a different type of loot system in this Builders village. At the very start you may be confused about how the loot system is working, but let me explain, you can only get 3 loots in a day, unless you use gems to remove the loot cap and get 3 more loots!

Having patience

Most importantly, be patient! This village is not meant to be our main village so don't rush towards using Gems in this part and go with the flow unless you are a big fatty gemmer! I've done a forum post about How much gems they have used already in this village, on it I've noticed that people have already used a lot of their savings on the first 3 days. So don't be frustrated with the loot cap, just go with the time!

Do you have any more suggestions for the beginners? Let us know in the comments below!

'Brawl stars' will take some time for its global release confirmed by Supercell

brawl_stars_game, Brawl stars android release

About one month ago, Supercell released their latest title "Brawl stars". Unlike the previous soft launches of "Clash royale" or "Clash of clans", this game soft-launched on iOS and limited to Canada at this moment. While the iOS gamers are enjoying the game very much, Android people are eagerly waiting for the game. On their official Reddit forum, Supercell finally revealed something about the global release.

When is the global release?

According to the official Reddit page of "Brawl stars", this game will take some time before it goes live on the store for the public. The game is still under development and they are checking out everything inside the game so that when the game will be launched globally it can give the gamers a brand new experience without any troubles.

They have also mentioned that the game uses a unique system of local servers. This means there will be different gaming environments based on the gamer's locale. Right now Supercell is only having server in Canada and their server for the rest of the world is not ready yet. The team is working hard to polish, improve and test every possible aspect the game. Meanwhile, their team is working hard to ensure a better gaming experience, Supercell is gathering feedbacks from their current players to see what players love and what needs to be adjusted. once they feel that the game is in good shape, they will think about the global release as stated by the Finnish gaming giants.

From the previous histories, we find that for a supercell game it takes more or less three to four months for its global release after the soft launch.

Back in January 2016, Supercell soft launched "Clash royale" on iOS. After two months of the iOS soft launch, the game was out for Android soft launch and just one month later the game finally had its global release. So if Supercell is following the same pattern once again then the time is not too far when Android users will be able to give their hands on this game.

However, "Brawl Stars" is a little bit different than the previous Supercell games. As they have mentioned about the unique server system which is completely based on locations, so this might take a while before it goes live for the rest of the world. What the gamers can expect from Supercell is an amazing experience just like their previous games has provided, and making the gamers wait and pushing continuous updates might be the clues for it.

Clash Royale Heal Spell : New META Incoming?

Heal_spell, Clash_Royale_heal_card

The long waited Heal Spell finally released today. With the Heal Draft Challenge Supercell let the gamers to get a jump start with heal spell. Heal spell is one arena 10 (Hog Mountain) card, rare in genre and cost only 3 elixirs, which I think is very good in value. Proper use of heal spell can bring a massive destruction to the opponent player in the arena!

Lets take a look at the description -
Heal your troops to keep them in the fight! Friendly troops are healed over time while in the target area. Doesn't affect buildings.
We already have a good concept of heal from Clash of Clans and seeing it on Clash Royale will surely bring some smiles in our faces. Today in this article we will talk about how heal spell can change the current meta in Clash Royale. Probably we will be seeing some heavy troops paired with  newly launched heal spell.

 Important info about Heal 
  • Comparing with Poison, Heal will always be a positive elixir trade, because it will quickly heal more hp than the damage of poison. But equivalent level of poison will do more damage over time.
  • Heal spell is very effective against the fireball, only if the troop survives the hit.
  • Heal will not do anything to a troop that has been destroyed completely. Then on that moment heal will be totally useless.

Which cards are good to pair with Heal?

Basically the troops which we use to push are good to pair only if the troop has good Hp. Troops like Giant, Prince, Loons, 3 Musketeers, Royal Giant, Elite Barbs, Inferno Dragon etc can do massive hits if they are healed properly. I'll be writing more detailed usage of Heal Spell in next articles.

How this new card will affect the current META?

The nerf of Royal Giants, Elite Barbs may bring smiles to some face but now it will vanish again! Pairing with heal, troops like Royal Giant, Hog Rider, 3 Musketeers will do massive damage. Well in some cases, one push will destroy one arena tower. I've personally faced 3 musketeers with heal, even though I had fireballed it, the heal spell brought the HP back, and guess what? I was doomed! During the heal draft challenge, I used heal with Giant, it worked great. I have also experienced Poison vs Heal on 3 Musketeers. So, in the tournament level, heal spell will be very useful. Now, expect to face Heal with Royal Giant/3 Musketeers/Balloon etc more often.

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Let us know in the comments section what do you think about this awesome new card!